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Great tool, got sick and tired of C# and Java and Python. Stuff I have to use for my work. GLBasic is much faster and more fun to work with. It is so intuitive. Syntax is also better than AGK or the other Basic languages. There is really no reason why AGK is so big and GLBasic is not, quality-wise.
Thank you Gernot, GLBasic is an outstanding product, and worth every cent.
BTW 3d sound is not "missing", it is something you need to implement with orientations and positions in 3d.
This might be a snippet i work on in the future.

In theory, this algorithm will consist of inputs for; a receiving position, a source position, and a pointto orientation, and general volume.

The output will be a "balance" and "loudness", which is derived from left/right/forward/backward/distance relative 3d positions.
The best thing to do would be to create a wrapper for a library of sounds like, because it's a cross-platform library.

Strange, i didn't delete it. :blink:

Snoopy is correct, MCI is win32 only, and is not compatible with anything except windows.

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 03: the Console Demo
« Last post by WPShadow on 2019-Jun-01 »
Just by the way: this time I also will join the contest...  :D
Competitions / GLBasic Contest 03: the Console Demo
« Last post by WPShadow on 2019-Jun-01 »

here we go again:


Create a Console Demo program in GLBasic. Like they were in the good old days.


  • Write the whole program only in GLBasic
  • use whatever you want (third party libraries)
  • the program must be a console!!!
  • Make the result look impressive


Impress everybody with your awesome console result.


Post your code or add an zip - fil, so we can check your result.

Closing Date


Poll Date

The poll will open after the first submission and will be open until 31.07.2019.


In this Youtube - Playlist you can see a list of old demos.


This is a fun contest and there is nothing to win... Nevertheless, together we can choose a winner...

Good luck and have fun.
GLBasic temporary directory used for compiling:
Code: GLBasic [Select]

Another thing that You can try, is to get some info by running GLB precompiler (that translates code to c++) from command line. For example this is whole command used to compile basic project with 2 sources using latest GLBasic version:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
gpc.exe -pWIN32=1 -pGLB_VERSION=16.026 -N"ArtDemo" -X640 -Y480 -M0 -R60 -O"C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp" -L3 -EXPLICIT -P"D:\inne\glb_projekty_net\ArtDemo" -V"000.001" D:\inne\glb_projekty_net\ArtDemo\ArtDemo.gbas D:\inne\glb_projekty_net\ArtDemo\gl.gbas
Change it to reflect Your user name, proper directories/sources and see what result it gives, run it from cmd, or use with bat file (add ' >> output.txt' at the end - without ').
Yet I'm not sure if this will give any additional information, how 'old' is that old project?
did you try to clean up the temp folder for the project first?

No - I will try that next time so.
Good work. I'm happy because GLBasic is still alive. I'ts fair that you receive some money for supporting this awesome development tool. It's very easy to create a lot of game and multimedia stuff with GLBasic. I will support the Steam version, and I hope many people around the world discover and buy the product. Long live to GLB!!!  :booze:
Media Section / Re: Android - new icon design
« Last post by Kitty Hello on 2019-May-31 »
Hm. Now, the old icon works. But it's really scary.
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