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Announcements / Re: Classic Arcade Style Vector Shooter
« Last post by MrPlow on Today at 01:18 PM »
Super! Thanks!
Off Topic / Re: The Colour Maximite 2
« Last post by dreamerman on Today at 11:04 AM »
I watch most of that video but from some reason I missed that info about memory :D
Yeap that's enough for almost any kind of old school stuff, specially with limited color palette. Another great thing in such micro comp (and old machines) is that you were coding for one particular resolution, pixel perfect placement, didn't bother with scaling UI as so on, less code for that and always crisp graphic.
It can run even wolf3d demo :-)
Announcements / Re: Classic Arcade Style Vector Shooter
« Last post by dreamerman on Today at 10:45 AM »
Yesterday I didn't found it, so I needed to dig a bit deeper in my archive, but with a success :-)
Game was called: Cosmic Invaders, this is original topic on Allegro forum
this looks like most legitimate download, and it works: download
Something like this in portrait orientation with for example 2 rows of turrets would be great.
Off Topic / Re: The Colour Maximite 2
« Last post by bigsofty on Today at 12:59 AM »
There's 1mb of ram for the basic code, it doesn't sound like much but that's enough for 170000+ lines of code (as the BASIC is tokenised behind the scene when you enter it IIRC).

There is 5MB of ram reserved for your graphics/sprites/sound etc. Again, retro graphics care very compact and there's more than enough for a full level of streets of rage + sprites too.

See here, for a rundown of the RAM after the guy in the video creates his own demo...

Again, this would be a monster 8bit/16bit micro back in the day, hell the interpreted basic runs 100x faster than pure 6502 assembly on the C64!  :blink:
Announcements / Re: Classic Arcade Style Vector Shooter
« Last post by MrPlow on Yesterday at 10:53 PM »
Cool thanks for testing :) - Must try and find that game demo you mention and see what it was like.
Off Topic / Re: The Colour Maximite 2
« Last post by dreamerman on Yesterday at 12:21 PM »
Looks nice and showes the power of BASIC :D :nw:
one thing is strange:
The CPU that powers the Color Maximite 2 is an ARM Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC processor running at up to 480MHz with 2MB flash memory and 1MB RAM
Extremely fast with 516KB of program memory and 5MB general purpose RAM
So how much RAM memory it has? or maybe CPU has only direct access to some part of it and rest is reserved for sprites or something, because from what I saw there are some nice demos like Final Fight that may require more than 1MB..
The market for such small form computer and emulation boards has grown so much in recent years, so many Pi-kind of devices, and handheld that are more powerful than old consoles.
Announcements / Re: Classic Arcade Style Vector Shooter
« Last post by dreamerman on Yesterday at 12:00 PM »
Generally I don't like asteroids kind of games :D but it's ok, that green filter and graphic style gives feeling that user is playing on old TV. I played it only a few minutes and didn't found any bugs that would be visible in short session.
As You have already experience and framework with such kind of games consider something more complicated: many years ago I saw some unfinished/early stage project made with Allegro game library and pixel-art graphic - combination of Space Invaders and Tower Defense genre, something that was used already by many other games. You build different towers on ground to protect Your base from invading aliens, that are moving like in SI games, there are boss fights, you get $$, can upgrade towers and so on. Something like this would be perfect for mobiles :)
Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« Last post by dreamerman on Yesterday at 11:48 AM »
Hey, I noticed that You are working on next game Power of the Ancients, and it will be made wit GoDot. From start please don't get me wrong on this, I noticed that GoDot is lately heavy promoted in many ways, on gamedev videos and so on, but still. I hope that You are coding it at least in C# - cause GDScript was utter unoptimized **** as I last checked it, maybe something changed in last two years but just there is no point for me on checking that yet again. Just don't feel into that high requirements indie games category - small, simple games that require good >1GB dedicated gpu to run, as they are running on poor engines with ton of unnecessary effects. And since this is early stage of project development you should already consider some proper touch controls and design to simplify future port to mobiles.

Honestly good luck with it ;-) I like RTS game, and also small ones but just to many fall short and are rather one time/run experience :-)
ah btw. there was some expansion 'Power of the Ancients' for Dungeon Defenders 2, so check if that title isn't covered by trademark or something.
Off Topic / Re: New Covid music
« Last post by MrPlow on 2020-Jul-12 »
thanks guys!
Soon to drop on spotify etc :)
Off Topic / Re: New Covid music
« Last post by bigsofty on 2020-Jul-11 »
Deep lyrics, sounds very proffsional too, well done!
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