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Off Topic / Article
« on: 2019-Mar-29 »
Hey guys - I wrote another article yesterday about "my first steam project" on Medium and it's been put on front page of Design and Gaming categories...

GLBasic - en / Fullscreen mode
« on: 2019-Mar-26 »

Anyone have any good tricks to force a windowed "landscape" game to go fullscreen?
I currently only get it working on 1366 x 768 and some others but want to get it working on larger screens too

Off Topic / Hacker News
« on: 2019-Feb-25 »
Hi Guys

An article I wrote last week about 80s BASIC - and how I rediscovered it is trending as a top story on Hacker News :)

Maaad! But great!

GLBasic - en / Android Stuck Wake Lock
« on: 2019-Feb-12 »
Hi Guys

This might be usual info for some of you...
I was investigating the wakelocks for some of my busier apps - in the region of 2 - 3% of sessions have stuck wakelocks - Google bad behaviour allows for 0.10% so it's a problem and Google said it would affect store visibility if not addressed.

The main tag that seems to be the culprit is Audiomix (so sound and music) - possibly related to users switching jumping in and out of apps or due to adverts.

In order to try and fix this I modified some of the SDL Java file perform a release of sound resources before native pause - and so far, it seems to be reducing my wakelocks!! Yay!!

My test app was 2.10% wakelock and is now down to 1.49% and that is with only a small portion of the total installs on the new version...If it gets down even further I will let you know.

Code: Text [Select]
 public void surfaceDestroyed(SurfaceHolder holder) {
        Log.i("glbasic", "surfaceDestroyed()");
                if (SDLActivity.usePauseCall==true)
                        SDLActivity.glbasicOnPause(1); // 1=pause
        if (!SDLActivity.mIsPaused) {
            SDLActivity.mIsPaused = true;
                         SDLActivity.androidAudio.pauseMusic(); // gp
                        SDLActivity.androidAudio.release(); // gp - releasing sound resources
                        SDLActivity.nativePause(); // SDL2 - moved down in sequence
        enableSensor(Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER, false);

Off Topic / New Vectrex Game - Vector Patrol
« on: 2019-Jan-23 »
Check out this fab looking Moon Patrol!
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Announcements / new book
« on: 2018-Dec-04 »
Hi guys

Trying to finish my new book in time before xmas...

Off Topic / Could be nonsense?
« on: 2018-Nov-04 »
My brother invited me to this and while not sure about how it will supposedly make money and such I saw no harm just signing up with my email - I mean - I give my email to 100s of sites a year so whats one more!

Its supposedly like crypto but my brother thinks its gonna make him money :) - bless him!

Anyhow if u want there are 4 slots left - then you get your own slots to invite - I am curious about this as a method or experiment for exponential growth...

GLBasic - en / Android query
« on: 2018-Oct-12 »
Hi Guys

I have a couple of apps that are reporting Background Partial Stuck Wake Locks for 3% of sessions of late.
It doesn't sound a lot but Google guidelines are to aim for less than <1%

one culprit is Audiomix and the Android os version involved is 8.0+ but wondering if anyone else fixed this issue in the past?
In the meantime I will try to find the cause before the novemeber update deadline.

Announcements / Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Sep-30 »
I am hoping my little game will be sleeper and will get some xmas downloads :)

So far people like it, and got a couple of reviews but because they were given free copies the reviews don't show on the stats :(

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I anyone GLB users wants to try it - I would rather send you paypal and re-imburse u instead giving free keys :)
That way any review u do will count :)

Hi Guys

Wondering if a couple of you could install and test that the turtle performs as it should.
Getting a few 1 stars from people saying Turtle wont accept commands...but it works for me just fine.

Appreciate the feedback - thanks!

Hi Guys

SF and Gernot - any update on a possible API 26+ SDK / Android studio workaround or fix for submitting to the playstore?

Thanks! :)  :help:

GLBasic - en / Polyvector query
« on: 2018-Jun-28 »
Hi Guys

I am using polyvector as a replacement for Stretchsprite but having an issue  with the border image getting cut off from the left side.

using this..were shx is a shift offset from the left.

ssxmod and ssymod are my scaled down width and height.

basex and basey are my 960 and 600 createscreen sprite dims

Code: GLBasic [Select]
          STARTPOLY 99
                                POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+shy,0+shx,0+shy,0xffffff
                                POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+ssymod+shy,0+shx,basey,0xffffff
                                POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+ssymod+shy,basex,basey,0xffffff
                                POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+shy,basex,0+shy,0xffffff

but as long as shx = 0 or not added then the image is shown in full...anyone know if I am missing something here ... perhaps I did not use the

Code: GLBasic [Select]
shx = 0
shy = 0
                                POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+shy,0+shx,0+shy,0xffffff
                                POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+ssymod+shy,0+shx,basey,0xffffff
                                POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+ssymod+shy,basex,basey,0xffffff
                                POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+shy,basex,0+shy,0xffffff

GLBasic - en / GameInput
« on: 2018-Jun-15 »
Does anyone have a newest version of the Gameinput files and example snippet of use...
Also if there is a corresponding file?


GLBasic - en / inApp issues
« on: 2018-Jun-10 »

Anyone know of a method for verifying the inapp purchase without using inAvailable() function?

My isAvailable is just returning the same value regardless of purchase!

IsAvailable() = fetches value but it always the same
Activate() = works are normal and allow purchase

I am trying out using the inapp_purchase$ string value as the means to record a hidden text file to validate the purchase if the text file is assumption is that the inapp_purchase$ string is populated after a successful purchase transaction and then I create the file.

Unless anyone can think of a better way to fix this issue - the app was initially in Beta so that might be the cause of the breaking of inAvailable value return.


Announcements / Asteroids Vector Game
« on: 2018-Jun-07 »
Just published to production only yesterday...
Hope you guys like my Vector screen emulation :)

If you can please leave a little review or rating :)

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