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tried to delete the temp folder? Sometimes im have seen it mixed with othre projects.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-13 »
we let see what happens, its would been cool :-).

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-13 »
currectly im heard he is more focus on the HTML5/Javascript port, which is ace. Its a platform that got more more supported by various devices. Etc easier to ports really.

Currectly im did not do so much glbasic or used a competer. Has been focus on various Spectrum Next projects such,

please note:

Android 5.X and below is not supported for Android Studio version of glbasic. The app can run, but you can run into issues. Etc PNG, JPG and SOUND is not working for those platforms. This is property due change of a newer compiler. Im have not seen issues with Android 6 throught, but if you see glbasic bugs in those Android versions, submit them :-).

API 23 is required.

To been clear:
Android 5 is very hard to get working in Android Studio and will currectly not to to get it working again as threre too many issues. So please do NOT ask me about Android 5.0 issues as im will skip it and delete them in the future. If its should beenfixed, im/Gernot will let you know.

But if there is some issues in Android 6+ etc, let me know of course. Android is strange beast, so there is allways some issues.

So API23 (Android 6.0+) is required as minimum with Glbasic and Android Studio!

learn Java, hehe. Im did do some java games back in about 20 years ago or such. Acticity is a little bit strange on Android, but property do have better time in this week.

Howover what im seen is its a issue with the newer compiler used with libpng, but no idea how to fix as im dont know hot to do a error handing. In Android Studio 3.5.1, the SDL Sound does no longer works, which seens to been a bug in the emulator? Im do easy can skip it as im did as SDL Sound is actuelly not important and eventuelly could use SoundPool instead.

Howover we dont have all those grandle update issues as im previous sat in 3.5.0 at all. Took some time, but was no problem when first finished updated.

!!! Btw for Android 5.0, PNG, JPG and SOUND does NOT work for Android 5.X !!!
The app can do run !!! Have not seen issues yet with API23+

cool. yes  the game need to send pause() and unpause() before sending a advent as we invoke a another Activity.

Also bad news. Google has broken Android 5 support in Android Studio 3.5.1, so no more Android 5 request please.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
compileSdkVersion 29
minSdkVersion 23
targetSdkVersion 29

But The best bet is using both Android Classic SDK for older versions and Android Studio for Android 6+ projects and do a bundle apk (a area im havent looked into).

Btw im have forced to disable the SDL Audio which also got broken for Android 5 in AS 3.5.1 (Nice job, Google) and added a notify to the user if Android 5 or below is detected. The changes is sent to Gernot. Im sadly believe Libpng 1.4 is not supported in the newer AS at all as SDK tools etc has been updated.

But has not seen any issues from Android 6 throught.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-11 »
he have annonced it a week ago, so its just server that got changed, of course that take some time to effect.

my believe its property a compiler setting issue with a newer compiler.

backward compatibility has allways been bad on both Android and iOS. Its reason im dropped out.

Dont except this to been fixed soon. You might still want to use the old Android SDK for Android 4+5 support and use AS  for Android 6+ support. Google Play supports multiply APKS, but not checked how that works.

But dont constatly asking for backward compatibility as im previous has declare Android 5 to been depreacted as least from mine side. Im havent seen issues with Android 6 as least not on the devices/emulators im have tried it on.

Also you could also using the old Android SDK for Android 4-5 if you want backward compatibility as Google supports multiply APKS (have no idea how this works througth as not checked). So except to remove SDK checks for Android 5 and below in AS to clean up the code.

But a great news is Android Studio 3.5.1 works very fine as well. Might need to clear and let grandle update and resync, but works fine.

just seen this share:

Look like some producets fails to update thier phones completly. One of produce is one of them im have and they are often cheap phones. So im cant say dropping Android 5 is a big issue if you ask me.

But is a issue im my self cannot fix. Have wrote to Gernot. So its up to him if he can fix that png issue. Im cannot promise.

But sooner or later Google depreacting Android 5 anyway on the Google Play. Android 4 is got depreacted on Google Play and is no longer updated.

im have wrote to gernot as im cant do anything with it and not sure how to do it sadly why libpng fails to open as its diddent out error, but have not checked it due im got distracted by a game named "Tyvarian" on Spectrum Next.

Apple do force update as well. For best practical simply set Api to been minimum Android 6.0 by now. When/if its got fixed, then a another update can been done to enable Android 5 again. By now im do still have focus on a Spectrum Next game.

Anyway if im do port Genius Greedy Mouse again to Android, then im would require Android 6+ anyway. For me missing Android 5 is not a biggue at all.

But if you can, convert all your images to bmp (its not much bigger than png when compressed to the apk really). yes you might miss some features, but just disable those.

You game was still playable by using bmp for the title screen and then playing the b&w version.

GLBasic - en / Re: iPad Pro IDE
« on: 2019-Sep-02 »
its still require a complete rewrite of the language. so its not possible. If im would rewrite language, more better to write in C# or such. But this is happens when Apple actuelly did that for you: OpenGL is depreacted, howover do still works throught.

GLBasic - en / Re: iPad Pro IDE
« on: 2019-Sep-02 »
its not that easy as this would been require a complete rewrite, then its better to rewrite it in C# instead really and use Unirt as backbend. Checkout the glbasic source code and you see why.

Glbasic does just compile the whole to c++. If we add interpreting, then the language would been much much slower. No reason to do that.

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