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Bug Reports / Re: Fail Fast Exception
« on: Today at 09:21 pm »
Im have newer seen this before on any machines. No one also have reported it on any of the games.

So im thinks its more a issue with the Windows installation, which many extra software can been installed by the company (you did not wrote which laptop).

Im googled around. One ofthem was fixed by used various anti malware software on a forum with a similar popup. But should checking more about this issue, but can do not think its glbasic, when its happens random, but more about its a hardware failure.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: Today at 12:42 pm »
You should just contact him to make sure he have the updated email adress. Im did newer do that my self throught, since its still works. But can change a bit for registred glbasic users that want a steam key for glbasic.

PS. Gernot can request steam keys for free, so there is no extra cost. He can even sell them on the site as well, give away for allready registred user and so on.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: Today at 10:19 am »
mine email does also no longer exists and still working today as licens. The license on steam glbasic is different. Im do guess Gernot would send out glbasic steam keys for those who want it (here im can do nothing, since im cant request steam keys). All you required is simply just register it on Steam directly, and then you redeem it. You dosent need to register the old one it in the editor at all: The license is tied to Steam API. Extractly as im wanted and working as intended.

Currectly we trying to get sld2 source code working with Android Studio for Android, but have some issues to get it compiled. this is clearly the best way to do that to avoid using precompiled sld, so updating etc would been much easier. The another issue due this is 64bit requirements in the next year. 64bit glbasic is allready working (fixed since iOS 64).

Currectly its Windows 32 and 64bit only on steam, but hopefully adding Android before 4 Jan. So Windows & Android is first serviced. Those are the most important platforms me thinks. But portering should also been easier by using the clued single c++ source code.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-07 »
should been happens very soon. its when Gernot pressing on the "Post as Coming Soon" button (im have no rights to extractly do that). Its all required. Its required to been visable prior to release a least 2 weeks.

We do need to update some of the banners throught, but its subtitle. its just to clean it up.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-05 »
its not that case.

The rules have been changed so you require to update your app to a newer android versions, etc require your app to meet api-26 (Android 8.0) standard. The stuck SDK glbasic is currectly using is to stuck by only can use api-23 (Android 6.0). the newer api require a move to Android Studio (etc glbasic should create a Android Studio project and compile from here, just as its did with iOS and xCode). Hopefully its we got it working before Glbasic is released on steam.

When first moved to Android Studio, the future changes should been quite easier.

Many people here do want to compile to Android. Etc most people seens to want to have extractly Windows and Android. So those platforms come first.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-05 »
The main issue with currectly android is glbasic to Android only support Android 5 api, but a newer Android versions is required to been supported for Google Play since some months ago. This is impossible because the standalone SDK glbaisc is using is more or less depreacted and updates no longer works using the SDK manager. With oither word: Android Studio is required now, so we need to move the whole project to Android Studio and then compile from here.

Howover im do stopped doing android stuff because im got tired with all the constactly updates to Android and same happens with iOS with Apple. But howover now the Glbasic is comming soong to Steam, then im would look into that again when im got the clued source code from Gernot. Hopefully im can remove all standalone sld libraries as well. that is also a issue too. This due google also require 64bit support next year..... So no point for me to improve the current Android SDK or support it at all.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-05 »
Because its not officieal roadmap yet. But its me that helping Gernot to get Glbasic released on steam, and its being a newer version as the current version. Im do cant say more about it right now as im wrote in the previous post.

Then we also just looking to to get Android working again with Android Studio with minimal feature (its often me that update that platform, most extra Java features was by me). The stuck Android SDK glbasic is currectly been used cant no longer been used at all! Android Studio is a very hefty download, but is not bigger than example Xcode is, which is also quite hefty too.

A port to iOS would also been pretty much easy to port again, due that with the source code to been clued to one piece. Etc as long Apple dosent remove OpenGL compeltly. But im do currectly does not have a Mac or a dev account throught.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-04 »
Glbasic for steam is for the shop and possible to purchase from steam directly, but Gernot also have got SteamWorks SDK working to the editor (the user licens check), and can also been implemented for the source code as well, so archveiments and such for games would been possible for Windows Steam users. That means all compilers has got updated with newer versions.

That fine. The main advance is the updates for glbasic should been quite much easier for us to do and is more or less automatic now. So the update feature from editor is got removed, because its have no use of it at all. because its happens automatic instead by steam and hence offload from the glbasic traffic on server for each update.

That also meant Windows for 32bit might got deprecated as im have seen, and now might require Windows 64bit. But here its does seens the 32bit binaies with the new compilers seens to works fine. But really 32bit removed is really no biggie today. But its have not been dedicated yet.

We planning do a release for 4 Jan, so we have comply of time to fix the lasts issue... And also property possible to get Android Studio version working before that date as the goal (im wont touch any standalone SDK Android version anymore, its out). But please not its would been a minimal barebore version, because im only intersered to get it working with no ekstra stuff implemented to start with. That means no ads and such in the first version or such. Its clearly best to get it working first.

The main focus is also Windows and Android. Rest can been coming later. Such like iOS.

PS. We can request steam keys to send the keys to the allready registred users me thinks. This is up to Gernot what he want, but would been best deal for us that allready use it.

GLBasic - de / Re: Android Vibration benutzen
« on: 2018-Nov-29 »
joysticks commands is not supported on Android, due the way they are used on that system. They are more treated like a keyboard, so you should use KEY() or use GameInput API insteead to support them. Analouge controllers is>256 as well. so you might want to read up to 320 or such.

The Mac Build might require a newer windows. Im have no idea why, just as im can say its compile fine on Windows 10, only with some permission issue (but im have no Mac anymore, nor no iPhone, which im got it smashed accidently for some month ago).

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2018-Nov-26 »
and yes, its looks excellent. Etc a perfectly "TimeKillers" game, yes the game can been completed in 3-5 minuttes, but im do like there is many endings to been discovered, which cause a lots of replay featuere.

Let me know, if you want some help.

PS. You do NOT need to credits me, even you used a small code from me at all!

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2018-Nov-26 »
im can eventuelly help. its also for saving hiscore and such as well. you can do still just react on multiply keys as im did in PowerUp Elevation. Saving config file is same as when saving hiscore. you dont need to use ini style eventuelly. Im diddent do that my self.

no idea. here im have just downloaded the macos platform from the main page. Im do have no idea this platform still can compile on Windows 7. With Windows 10, its compile without issue, just not testing.

That im mean was the glbasic installation, should been using no spacing in the path. its mightbeen have been some issues? Im do not checked that, since om do currectly use D:\Programmer\Glbasic15 here.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2018-Nov-25 »
which email, did you those? howover they dosent reply that often currectly (Stefan is property a bit busy), but im do have got paid all the time.

But anyway, im guess this game would been a "endning" hunting game on Steam.

Even its a short game, there is multiple endnings to been found, and that take time.

For keyboard, im do hope you adding redefine keys or multiply playable keys. Im thinking A+Left for left, D+Right for right and Up,Space,Z,Y,W for jump.

This should could cover most players, regaardless its left or right handed players and playing with one or two hands). Im diddent do that for PowerUp Elevation throught, due the nature of the game, its was not needed. Also some players might perfer Z key, but make sure to add Y as well, since Z and Y keys can been swapped on some keyboard, like the Gernam one.

PS. Im wish im could adds achrivements for this game, but its currectly not possible. but you could do a internal one, etc which endning people have found.

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