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GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Sep-04 »
the main issue im last time was is Glbasic used too old c++ compiler, so im could not integrate Steam SDK directly into the source code. But its might have changed with v15.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Sep-03 »
We even use tilemap on a spectrum next game. Anyways steam would offload the server very much and there would been more more insane updates, etc only files that changes is changed.

Last time I’m used Linux, glbasic did not work on steamos, dispite it’s has all required libs.

I’m do waiting for the assets files, then I’m do a build progress.

OpenGl would not been changed. That change is Apple have removed Extractly OpenGL support, but howover all calls was in a c-objective file, which means its mightbeen possible to use such a wrapper instead. SDL was not used here.

Windows is still the primary of course, include when its release on Steam. Im still waiting for various required assets files we can use on Steam as well a trailer.

Then im will help to get build up running for auto uploading etc.

We need a trailer for glbasic in the Full HD or Native HD. Can somebody here create a little timelapse video, how its look like when codning a game in glbasic? Its for a Steam Release.

As im see for Android, the android does uses various precompiled libraries? We CANNOT use precompiled sld libraries at all. All source is required, include sld (except the google and OUYA SDK of course). There is various precompiled to this platform, we no longer can use.

The main reason is we cannot compile to newer cpu, such as the INTEL as well 64bit cpus.

With APPle, we require howover a move to METAL platform and not OPENGL. OpenGL is out after v12 or some versions after. All OpenGL calls is howover is in the xcode file, so its should been possible with a wrapper (such as this one: But im have not a change  to do anything.

Html5 might not supports 3d very well, but have excellent 2d support.

3d was only eventually might need removed and get a excellent 2d first on that platform, and add it back later it possible. But hopefully works,  but I'm have newer have done 3d stuff. It's was meant for html5 platform only. Not on rest of the platforms.

Google Play is no longer supported by the native platform in glbasic and I'm will not update it, due the previous issues.  Same with iOS and MacOS. But you can use amazon App Store and such market instead.

iOS and MacOS would been property out after iOS v12. Then Apple might have completly removed OpenGL what Glbasic uses. OpenGL is still works in the years updates, but we can not been sure at all for next year version, where OpenGL can been completly gone and glbasic would no longer works on those device. Its second time Apple does move like this (64bit support was very annoying as hell).

Google version require a move to Android Studio with ALL source include and should not use any SO at all (except google SDK as well eventuelly Ouya SDK). SDL should not been compiled in beforehand. Currectly im dont have or wont have time to do the full move. This is due Google have depreacted Android.bat as well in the newer SDK, which is a very bad move too. Google also will in next year force 64bit binaries as well. Glbasic Android current SDK does not support that at all.

This is why im tired with those constast fixing all kind of issues, why im last year simply backed off and return to Windows only. Im was simply just tired about it to keep up and backward compatible is like a crap (Android is here better than iOS im do admit). Its no more fun with both iOS and Android for me. Steam is a excellent platform and the Steam SDK is not even required to been supported at all, not even with the Steam DRM.

But of course there is example Amazon as well Samsung Store. Amazon still use Android 5.1 and should been excellent to use with glbasic. But im do cant do testing those devices at all!

And that is also why we should see a good HTML5 port, that works a least with Chrome (Android) and Sarafi (iOS, Mac). Then we would not have issues with 32/64bit or such thing at all. 3D mightbeen dichted in first version eventuelly.

And yes, im do still like glbasic, so :-). Im just dont have time to do all those Android and iOS when they change requirements and used a bit too much time me thinks. But again a great HTML5 ports would been could and then im can see on that a day, but not now. Currectly im do have focus on Windows and Spectrum Next (even im was newer a Spectrum fan, Spectrum Next is cool).

Apple took off spot race (property due a orientation issue, when can cause touch not working correctly), while I'm my self removed the rest recently. The rest is due my account is expire soon with no plans to renew it (im have no mac anymore and im do not want to do a visual pc mac as well).

With Android, it's was a over a year ago I'm dedicated to back off mobile development, so im took off all apps im did on Google Play. Im guess its was due all those techincal issues, support, constant updates, stability as well some google politics im simply does not like (as im remember).

Today im would focus on html5 (for ports) and windows only.  yes, html5 is slower yes, but its today more combatible and would not have those portabity issues (you can wrap html5 as a standalone apps with PhoneGap example). So if im will retool glbasic, then Windows and HTML5 only.

My 5th glbasic game (PowerUp Elevation) does NOT even have any touchscreen functionality at all. They simply got removed, even its a pretty simple game to do touchscreen really, but im do not want to do that.

Today all my apps is now gone from App Store as well. So now im are back to only using Windows my self. So im cannot support Android and iOS anymore. Howover im do still have two apps on Ouya, which was a great little test console, even im never got some money from it. its was still fun.

Some of my games could do come to Amazon Fire exklusive on their tables throught.

Native compiling for Android and iOS is no longer working in the future. That it.

Apple have deprecated OpenGL support, which might got removed after iOS 12, and the next MacOSx. That graphics engine GLbasic uses. So that platform is out anyway, due that.

Android require a FULL move to Android Studio (the standalone SDK will NO LONGER WORK), which im will not have time to do that, nor its possible, because some of the libs required to been fully code and not precompiled. So im cant do anything like that. Full source is required and its have became quite compliced now. Its not easy as you think.

This is why im just dont like both Apple and Google (im have remove my own apps from both platforms, except Greedy Moues on iOS still stay a little while its also got removed too), when they doing change thing like that and the app combatible have newer have been quite very great.

So im just hate very much Android and Google. its no more fun for contant supporting them! im just simply not want to use more time on that. That it.

So sorry. Google Play and Apple Appstore is currectly out. But you do still can use example Amazon AppStore as alternative for Android. But im wont update it at all.

The only way we can bring back to those platforms is extractly HTML5, which have got a nice approvements since those days. Hence Windows and HTML5/Javascript should been the most important platforms. HTML5 should also works nicely on Linux too. And no... They wont ned to been serviced on a websever. there exists apps, like PhoneGap, to wrap them to apps and sell them to AppStores..... Best alternative im can think and support.

Android issue would not by now have effect on Amazon and Samsung AppStore. But im did thinks Google Play is the best one. But im cannot support Android and Ios anymore. Only if we move to HTML5 and we can get it to Work, then im will go back Again.

But no more native compiling for Android and Ios. That is over. Maintime was prove to been annoying and used too much time.

Sooner and later Me and Gernot should see and get a decent HTML5 port to been wrapped as a app. Its the best alternative.

So even with a HTML5/Javascript is a interpreter, speed should not been a issue anymore as previous have. Phones have been much faster and requirements have been higher.

its was those language as competers.

im do go got surpriced how well Steam have been done for me. its clearly the best platform for me. On Steam im will pretty sure we only focus on those two platforms. Even glbasic mightbeen a bit old, its still very great and would been have a nice place on Steam. Im even still earn Money from my games on Steam.

But since im wrote about HTML5, is simple because its has been better and a possible easier ports to other platforms using the base HTML5 platform. Also we have been much better phones since some years ago as well, so its should not been a issue anymore as its have been before. So im must agree with Gernot about HTML5. Im should help about that platform.

HTML5 is great for ports with example extractly Android and Ios and others. So its can been a good base too (and SDL is ported to HTML5). Hence Windows and HTML5. The main advance here is, its possible to have a "native" app with html5 for release on both AppStore and Google Play. its mightbeen somewhere slower, but todays devices, its should no longer have a issue as before. And yes, even Windows Phone would been possible.

So HTML5 was ment for possible ports for other platforms rather using them native, which became to much of a Work. Etc Apple dropping OpenGL example as well Google requirere higher API than its possible to use with Glbasic. Property HTML5 could fix this. Then so, we have Windows Phone. Could been fun to support it.

So hence: Windows as main platform, and HTML5 for ports to other devices (such etc with PhoneGap integreation). Gernot liked what they have been done with HTML5. So im thinks its would been nice to use it.

Im also do LOVE glbasic, even im should learn C# and Unity a day or even assemply for Spectrum Next (im newer liked Spectrum, but Spectrum Next is just so cool). So even Gernot might stop support, glbasic would been great, even with years in the future. its will still have its purpose. Im thinks steam could been a pretty nice platform for that tryout.

So Gernot, what do you want to help for Steam? Let me know. last time you wrote about steam, im was simply just go to a ski vaccation. its NEWER late. Its could been a nice comeback!!

GLBasic - en / Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Aug-01 »
im do fear and see glbasic v15 mightbeen the last version. Gernot have wrote basic on those date have lost its purpose and people even write phyton or such language instead. Even glbasic competer, darkbasic and blitzmax/blitz basic is gone.

But yes, he is right on this point. but we also talked about a steam release as well property to ditch all platforms, except Windows and HTML5. HTML5 had a quite nice progressing, which would been possible to use that in the future, and then example use PhoneGab to wrap the code into app for Android, Ios, Mac as well eventuelly Linux.

So if you ask me, glbasic 15 could property been the last version you will see from us. Basic is gonna to been outdated , sadly. Im did also like glbasic my self.

But if we countinue to Work with glbasic, its could been under a new name, and then focus 100% only to Windows and HTML5 and steam. Rest will simply just been ditched. HTML5 have simply have been approve very much since some of the last years.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2018-Jul-31 »
Google Play is finally out. See the thread in the normal forum why.

Google now require a least api-26 to been used, but glbasic uses api-22.

Google have depreacted various very important thing, which means im cant update the android platform part of glbasic anymore, without a full move with all source code to Android Studio. Im have no plans doing that (since various SO SDL libs is also required to been have source code too as well).

But you do can still consider tryout Amazon as well Samsung stores throught (Amazon tables using Api-22).

Apple is worser: They depreacting.... Yes, OpenGl (but will still Works as least iOS12).

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