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GLBasic - en / Re: Android FB Share
« on: 2018-Mar-19 »
nothing im have plan on..... you need to implement that by your self.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Crashes reduced!
« on: 2018-Mar-15 »
Techical 16bit strings is all ready supported, but we still use old school 8bit bitmap fonts.

I'm my self only checks max to touches. I'm did not require more than that. Rest is just skipped.

Yes. It's a relevant issue as well.

It's call and checking if shoebox file is open or not in the code I'm posted.  It's does with all commands that use files. For some reason it's can also crash too it's seen.

Generally shoebox is very bad on Android, due indirect file access. You ends with more double amount of memory anyway and different issues. On other systems they work, due you have direct file access. Not on Android.

So yes, it's a relevant issue and confirmed. But I'm won't fix it. I'm more interested to remove shoebox completely on Android for improve stability.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
BOOL glb_prepare_reading_file(DGStr& filename)
{       if(filename.len()==0)
                return FALSE;

        STDOUT(CGStr("glb_prepare_reading_file: ")+filename);
        #ifdef ANDROID
                DGStr checkfilename=filename;
                                checkfilename=REPLACE_Str(GETCURRENTDIR_Str()+filename, DGStr(android_files_dir()), CGStr(""));
                                checkfilename=REPLACE_Str(checkfilename, CGStr("//"), CGStr("/"));
                                checkfilename=REPLACE_Str(checkfilename, CGStr("/Media/"), CGStr("Media/"));
                if(!DOESFILEEXIST(checkfilename)) // This will unpack the file from the APK, if fails to extract from above.
                                {       return FALSE;
                                //STDOUT(CGStr("3: "));
                return TRUE;
        DGStr TempFileName;
        if(!__g_ShoeBox_Data->FindOrExtract(filename, TempFileName.getbuffer(1024), true))
                                //STDOUT(CGStr("2: "));
                return FALSE;

        filename = TempFileName;

        return TRUE;

will remove shoebox feature on Android completly and should no longer crash like crasy.

Also im recommend to redirect SETSHOEBOX() to SETCURRENTDIR() when its used, which im guess its a much better alternative.

ooh dear.... That means, this issue will newer been fixed!!!!

Its a bug in glb_prepare_reading_file(), which is called by all file commands, and property crash on line:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
if(!__g_ShoeBox_Data->FindOrExtract(filename, TempFileName.getbuffer(1024), true))

That mean its confimered SHOWBOX does not work and is 100% unstable on Android. Also.... Due that way file system is working on Android, which is piece of crap, that meant its impossible to use it anyway.

But instead we should trick SHOWBOX as its was a folder.

Property its crash on this function:

Im will not fix shoebox at all, but im will instead should remove it completly instead.

Instead im highly recommend to use SETCURRENTDIR() instead to access to a new level instead SHOEBOX it from a new folder. That can do the trick.

Gernot please contact me again, about Steam (Im home again and can offer help), and can you send me your newest source. we need to REMOVE all SHOEBOX support on Android.

With other word, if you ask me:

SHOEBOX will been DEPREACTED on Android.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Crashes reduced!
« on: 2018-Mar-12 »
Im guess this could due unsupported Unicode chars caused it. Glbasic does not support them.

I'm personally have newer used it at all, and property could remove it for eventuelly stability reasons.

Could been working a "useKey" statement in Android manifest if want to use it. Im can do that.

Its Should and ios11 still works. Howover there sdk I'm compiled to was for ios10 and I'm will no longer compile to newer IOS as well android.

im checking today, when im got more info. howover as im wrote, im gonna go to vaccation (ski vaccation), which im will prefare and is hence first home again monday week efter. Nothing about this issue at all here and trying to help and get it working again (even im stoppde Android, but thing like this should work).

I'm take a look tomorrow. I'm might have comment something out for some reason.

I'm do might need to have your dev string key from your Google Play, but no access required by now

Can you pm your projekt? (Im only need that part for checking). Can been issues, but I'm don't remember I'm actually removed it. Only admob.

its can been a android manifest issue.

Do you have <uses-permission android:name="" />? and added the google service into too? Otherwise its will remove the shop# code if its dont exists and nothing will works.

Also you can log what its saw in the logcat.

I'm do not return it's as a 0 or 1, but a hashed value by the sku.

You can get which kind value it's have for a purchased value.

The value is different per sku.

also creating ini is not that secure, its can easy to been cracked (you can also crypt it by using the hardware info eventuelly) as well date of creation. So the file got removed when the date is, so the game is needs to been rechecked again.

Google Play should also works offline as well, and you cannot sync the items start of the code. That might first been done while you are in the menu. So its best allways checked around a SHOWSCREEN on your loop code. then items would eventuelt change to brought.

In Greedy Mouse im remember im created a function to pause it, until the items was ready to been checked.

Please Note ads does property not work in newest AE, but inapp purchase should do. Im dont want to use the time to move it to Android Studio.

use InAppPurchase_isAvailable() and use the internal SKU for it, if you also use this API.

the internal SKU is the reason, because they might named different in different shops.

Also you should not checks InAppPurchase_isAvailable() in the startup, then you would been too early. You should check them in runtime in your menu, because they are not Available in the start, but might take some time after a launch of a app.

on iOS make sure to restore, and im not even sure its works at all, since its so long time since then. 2 or 3 years ago. so its might got removed again? Im dont know.

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