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howover if you have access to the source code and download it. Not sure why Gernot limit it, since its could been higher. its currectly limited to 4096. If you ask me, this should been possible to change to whatever limit, so its a array issue.

But if you have download the source code, you can change this line in the file rainbows3d.h to a higher value:

#define GLR_MAX_OBJECTS      0x1000

0x1000 is set to extractly 4096 and not sure its possible to REDIM it.

You can actuelly download the source code and recompile it.

im put the source code under compiler/platform/source from the downloaded one (can been download from the main site). then you can build the source code by using _build.bat from each platform.

Hopefully Gernot adds this to the glbasic 16 soon. Im only just added 2 lines or code or such in glb_pc.cpp.

Here im do manual minimize it (which worked best in this case), if its fullscreen when the windows inactivate status is called.

This seens to also make sure the Windows dosent got stuck in the game, which was happens (im was needed to reset it).

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Stuck Wake Lock
« on: 2019-Feb-12 »
yes im see in the source code both subs is not called when AUTOPAUSE is set to FALSE and might is harder to control or checking if HIBERNATE is got stuck.

Could look like a similar issue, even in Windows 10, where a paused HIBERNATE() state dosent not allways resumed or killed correctly?

just use the source code modification, then its works as intended (and dont try to detect alt-tab etc, which might conflict so). Windows 10 simply just do not minimize the window as its should. Then you dosent need to detect the alt-tab anymore.

Etc the main issue is in the glbasic source code when WA_INACTIVE is called:
LRESULT CALLBACK __WndProc_(HWND hWnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)

The new code checks, if the windows is fullscreen, then manually minimize it. Done with success with 3 of my games, with 2 is remaining.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Stuck Wake Lock
« on: 2019-Feb-12 »

im have still got issues, but im do found a very simple fix in the c++ code, all its actuelly was need to do is MINIMIZE the window, when its in FULLSCREEN,  then its escape its correctly!

Code: GLBasic [Select]
        case WM_ACTIVATE:
                        switch(wParam & 0xffff)
                                case WA_ACTIVE: case WA_CLICKACTIVE:
                                                if(!__g_paused && __g_allowPause)
                                                        ::SetWindowText(__hWnd, __g_Caption().c_str());
                                case WA_INACTIVE:
                                        if (__DG_FULLSCREEN==1)
                                                if(__g_paused && __g_allowPause)
                                                        ::SetWindowText(__hWnd, (__g_Caption() + CGStr(" <pause>")).c_str());
                return 0L;

Actuelly pretty simple fix! Windows 10 simply dosent minimize from fullscreen as its should? So im just let it minimze if its fullscreen. You dont need to maximize, which works as intended.

Off Topic / Re: Now that cool.....
« on: 2019-Feb-08 »

Pictures taken diredtly from facebook with no  changes. some is quiite big for no reason.

Off Topic / Re: Now that cool.....
« on: 2019-Feb-08 »
Its Micheal Ware that took the picture (one of the main programmer, the other is Jim Bagley).

Its a game im also have a lots of playtesting, doing music and also designed few levels. Im did designed 3 of those levels:
One of them took the longest time to get done and was finally completed by Jim Bangly with the special enemy AI for that level. There was a another level, that was a lots of fun to design and playtesting, which required few tweeks to get right to avoid getting stuck. That level ended up very cool.

Im newer liked the tune in the game Manic Miner (which was actuelly pant), but does have its story behind it. Since then im have done a lots of tunes based in that game......

Off Topic / Now that cool.....
« on: 2019-Feb-07 »

Yes, im guess Spectrum fans know who he is and....

This why im dedicated to delete a post from the Spectrum Next (of my own), due this pic. Spectrum Next keyboard issues is finally done and is soon mass produce.

Also that Baggers in Space on the picture is also finished as well and is yet to been released. The game became a 17 level game, a lots of screens to explore and pretty much use all memory on a none expanded Spectrum Next, and the whole game is in one load.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Vibration
« on: 2019-Feb-07 »
this is nice to hear its still possible, even using the older SDK but with new API. Which kind of pre-api do you have?

Im should checking thing like that, so this is a workaround for now, until the next year 64bit requirements.

Media Section / Re: STEAM - Asset Creator
« on: 2019-Feb-02 »
Just make sure they dosent look blurry. Vavle will notice it, but they do might not reject it at all (two of glbasic SDK icons did have that issue, but was just optional to change it). Im personally perfer doing this kind of icons manually. But can been a great tool to been integrated to the Windows compiler......

In PowerUp Elevation, Lobo even choiced to redraw them to look sharp as possible.

Because its not possible to do anything more with the graphics at all, which is rather special (its was all done with real clay and was not cheated at all). Anders Klok is currectly busy with thier motion capture suit as well they also soon waiting a child. Yep, Time flies. But currectly im have no plans do anything more to that game, even its was fun! Steam was a nice market for that game and phinged in right time.

But im do perfer do another game with a another theme. PowerUp Elevation was the newest one im did code my self. Im do should do more stages to that game.

But currectly recently did some AY music work for various Spectrum Next games with Micheal Ware (as well Jim Bagley): Baggers in Space is pretty much finished (only require final testing), and he is now working to get Warhawk done as well Revival Survival (fun little arcade game, based on a Windows version that was newer finished). So Spectrum Next is quite delayed, but they did do the keyboard finally down and is soon can been mass produced, also while waiting, its does do just do have a much better sprites rutine (can display 128 sprites on a line instead of just 12) and recently a tilemap feature.

And yep this is some offtype talk, and property im should split this thread, where im started it about the bundle.

OtakuMaker SARL is closing down and is removed all my games in thier bundles (one is still remaining).

What do you thinks if all of us do a "Glbasic: Games Bundle", etc the list you see in the glbasic steam forum.

Also both my TimeKillers games is now free on Steam, but im is gonna to add a "Donation" DLC (which few have used) for Spot Race, and later for CatchOut.

Im do also consider im should release the source code? Even its mightbeen in mix of danish and english and could been documented much better for both TimeKillers games?

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-23 »
hehe. sorry.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-21 »
more theme profiles to look like more mordern would been actuelly nice. MRPlov talked it about it in the steam keys section. Howover this is nothing im can do. Im my self allways just have used the default one and have newer changed it.

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