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just seen this share:

Look like some producets fails to update thier phones completly. One of produce is one of them im have and they are often cheap phones. So im cant say dropping Android 5 is a big issue if you ask me.

But is a issue im my self cannot fix. Have wrote to Gernot. So its up to him if he can fix that png issue. Im cannot promise.

But sooner or later Google depreacting Android 5 anyway on the Google Play. Android 4 is got depreacted on Google Play and is no longer updated.

im have wrote to gernot as im cant do anything with it and not sure how to do it sadly why libpng fails to open as its diddent out error, but have not checked it due im got distracted by a game named "Tyvarian" on Spectrum Next.

Apple do force update as well. For best practical simply set Api to been minimum Android 6.0 by now. When/if its got fixed, then a another update can been done to enable Android 5 again. By now im do still have focus on a Spectrum Next game.

Anyway if im do port Genius Greedy Mouse again to Android, then im would require Android 6+ anyway. For me missing Android 5 is not a biggue at all.

But if you can, convert all your images to bmp (its not much bigger than png when compressed to the apk really). yes you might miss some features, but just disable those.

You game was still playable by using bmp for the title screen and then playing the b&w version.

GLBasic - en / Re: iPad Pro IDE
« on: 2019-Sep-02 »
its still require a complete rewrite of the language. so its not possible. If im would rewrite language, more better to write in C# or such. But this is happens when Apple actuelly did that for you: OpenGL is depreacted, howover do still works throught.

GLBasic - en / Re: iPad Pro IDE
« on: 2019-Sep-02 »
its not that easy as this would been require a complete rewrite, then its better to rewrite it in C# instead really and use Unirt as backbend. Checkout the glbasic source code and you see why.

Glbasic does just compile the whole to c++. If we add interpreting, then the language would been much much slower. No reason to do that.

GLBasic - en / Re: iPad Pro IDE
« on: 2019-Sep-01 »
its was supported for some years ago, but when Apple change mind, there is no we can do anymore.

Im do no longer have a Mac, nor plans to purchase one again (im soild mine when its got too old for xcode), and the code signing was very much a real pain to work with.

Gernot has property sold his when the Mac became old too, like me. Macs is not cheap at all!

But now as Apple did depreacted OpenGL (Vital for Glbasic), there is really no reason to try again, except if a good HTML5/JavaScript port happens, then its would been possible again. HTML5/JavaScript has been prove to been quite a good platform with many devices supporting.

Also.... Im was not even interests in Android either, but.....

GLBasic - en / Re: iPad Pro IDE
« on: 2019-Sep-01 »
Nope. Apple have done it for us. Simple as that.

Glbasic is wrote in C++ and OpenGL in mind and we cant change it at all, and also compiles to C++ and OpenGL! You will need a Windows to use the IDE regaardless anyway.

The only way we ever can touch Apple again is if Glbasic got a very great HTML5/JavaScript port as least with the 2D part. with HTML5/JavaScript , then its could been great to wrape it to MacOS, iOS and even other and use that as a base.

GLBasic - en / Re: iPad Pro IDE
« on: 2019-Aug-31 »
Property newer. I'm not even sure it's allowed this kind on appstore either as we have struggled to get even Gack on that past in the time.

For platform wise then Apple have deprecated Opengl support as well, even it's still works on Ios12 as well on Ios13.

good luck :-D. Im do cannot purchase it, due im allready own it throught (you wanted to me to checking thing first, hehe).

waiting also, but dont hold your breath as Android 5 is actuelly old (Android 10 is close to release), and you could reenable it again when its got fixed, or by only use bmp files if png did not got loading (you can check if a sprite got loaded or not).

This is a libpng issue and no idea what to do without seing any errors why.

as allready tried various ideas with that kind (one assets loaded in different ways as other). also bmps does works, but not png, and its dont output a error from libpng or dont know how to get it output its error.

Im thinks PNG fail is more the why while jpg crash because the file seens not have been closed correctly (its still open). so im believe when possible to get the PNG compiling to work, then jpg would do too. So jpg has not a focus at all yet.

my believe is there is some compiler setting (libpng is wrote in c, not c++) issue as some source code require some compiler settings sometimes to get it working property. Im have no really clue here what settings its want and where to set it. its do weird as its does work on Android 6.0, but could simply due how the compiler compiles and works.

As its per now, the file will NOT open, etc its fails to set a pointer to read the file and libpng code does not out a error, so im have no clue what to do and what a kind of error its is. That would been nice. Im just hate when no error output is shown.

There was nothing wrong with haveing GETCURRENTDIR() which might have a little bit different SETCURRENTDIR() path, both was actuelly pointed to the same folder anyway.

We use the latest possible security version and we use the source code version of it, so no precompiled libs is used. But not sure why it's fails on andoid 5, while it's works on later versions, except we do use a newer compiler, which can also been the reason. etc wrong build compuiler configuration.

more precision, png_ptr = png_create_read_struct(PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING, 0, 0, 0); fails....... Dannet. It's a libpng issue. No idea how to fix, but it's that line that Bork. Some sort of a wrong compiler setting..

BMP works actuelly fine. JPG might have crashed due above issue.

not extractly that throught :-(.....

But more future testing, its just bmp files that loads very fine, while both png and jpg does not works on Android 5.

This is what im came with and im have no clue what its does in the png loader, so Gernot might need to help here. But its all about to getting the png and jpg to work again. bmp files works fine.

Im have pm you the project, so you can see, where im have changed the back.png to back.bmp, and that one loads fine (and that also why font also loads as they was in the bmp format too), while all pngs might fails.

So nothing about file permissions and im also removed the Setcurrentpath("Media/") as on android, allways best to load from main path.

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