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its should, but use the c++ code was well. That version im uploaded supports multiply (read: multiplayer) gamepads. read the changed post. Also later as im stated KEY() would also been fixed so values 0-255 would checking all connected gamepads, which its does not do that by now (which could been used for single player games).

Please note, that version also support multiply (multiplayer) gamepads, unlike this version you used before.

etc im init the string with String remapping = "";

but later in the code im checked against it with if (!remapping.equals(" ")) { rather than if (!remapping.equals("")) {

im cant update c++ file now as its being integrated to the main source code beta, which im now use.

howover the crash bug was in public static int RemapJoyAxes(int axes, float value, float minrange, MotionEvent event) in the Java file.

Actuelly a very very stupid string bug, that caused it. You should been possible to find that kind of bug in that function!

Im do have updated the thread in So that version should not crash.

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: Yesterday at 04:38 PM »
limits to a contain resolution was something im also did for CatchOut as well. He might also have limit of colors uses of course.

This can been fun to design with limits in mind.

Looks nice.

Announcements / Re: Space Fractal games get back on Android!
« on: Yesterday at 04:36 PM »
hey! a tile in Greedy Mouse is 200x200px, hehe.

Anyway, currectly im is still working to the controls to works as intended and get implemented them to the glbasic source code. This take a little bit more time as excepted.

So im might edit the post in the sticky thread as well im forced to get GameInput API to work again (as all my games uses it)!

Also PowerUp Elevation did newer have touch controls, so im must implement them, hehe.

also im have soon fixed KEY() to do the originally way as intended, now im added multiply gamepads. Its now scans all gamepads when values 0-255 is used as orinally used for the image you added.

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2020-Feb-26 »
im do guess the wait time after second kickstarter should been much shorter than this one that was a long overdue as they do have anything done now.

Howover Spectrum Next did do since the kickstarter do added some new features like tiles (Layer 3) support as well 28mhz cpu speed. All missing is a better sound dma.

Also im did do played some Warhawk today.

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2020-Feb-26 »
great. Look like people like what they have done. So im should get one when the second kickstart starts.

Now im wonder how many physical presale of the 3 games (Warhawk, Baggers in Space and Tyvarian)? hehe. Yes im have done tunes for those games.

Mine dev board also got wifi too, but its did do interfere the sound, so im disabled it. but its could have been fixed long time ago of course.

Im can send you a banner or such. but im is no hurry and is still not opened up yet. Might take some weeks. Greedy Mouse is pretty much ready, submitted and got approvede the family program.

What im do should do is checking out how the cloud save game works as its would do excellent value for the games. Catchout and Spot Race would not care that much, but rest would.

Thanks for doing that and nice way to help me as well that way.

You can update Android Studio to 3.6 without trouble, but do NOT update the project grandle version as this might fails the project. If this should been happens, you can easy change it back again. So dont worry if this should happens.

I'm soon today or tomorrow.

And checking all changes is OK.

And update to 3.6 is fine, but don't update the Grandle version! We don't use the newest version anyway.

no idea actuelly why. property a androidmanifest.xml issue with missing some sceensize me thinks? Im do diddent see the message here, except a game not supporting my Android TV (as excepted). not as im aware of.

Howover im do ran into trouble when not creating a adk bundle.

evetuelly, which devices is its? Google Play should tell what kind it is.

Now im is fully back to get my stuff working again with Android Studio. Genius Greedy Mouse is all running again (but still yet to been submitted). Now im missing to do rest of the games im have did past on the day.

The games im have done in glbasic is those:

Genius Greedy Mouse
Karma Miwa
Powerup Elevation

Im plans to do all 5 games back to Google Play, all free width ads. Powerup Elevation does need to adding a touch screen implemetation throught.

Its might take some week or month before they are online and still stuff need to been done. Also games im unpublished would been updated.... if im can get my old keystore to work (im recently found it). If im cant do that, then its just as a new app.

All 5 games can been seen on Steam.

My own GameInput API im created for old Android do no longer works, but im do have updated it so its works again with Android Studio. Im was forced to get this to work, so my own games could works again! Im will add this to the download sooner or later :-). But its quite easier since that throught.

But the current version im have uploaded should no longer crash when using gamepads (tested with wired PS4 and Xbox One as well Ouya). Ouya required a remapping, this is done in java.

Of course im dont have change to have all joypads on the market. But a general rule. does the gamepad work when navigation on the home screen, then its would work in the game too.

GLBasic - en / Re: usb serial on Android?
« on: 2020-Feb-23 »
no idea what you mean? so no. and nothing im property take a look to.

just got the Android tv, updated the gamecontroller code and its now a least works with ouya, ps4 and xbox one controllers. both last one was wired.

Howover buttons on ps4 can been swapped (example O and X), but this is something im will not touch at all, since this can create new issues instead.

There was a crash when used sticks, but that is fixed too.

Now all im need is remapping more controllers.

Howover this android tv was a liitle bit quite annoying as im could not testing gamepad while using adb connection.

Howover im do have seen a controller might have been connected as Player 3 and not as Player 1 for some reasons. Not sure why, but im have expanded to possible support 8 players, but codewise correctly 6 players.

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