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there should been no code and its download it soon you enable and select it. Im did not update the glbasic version as its was for the AS project and in term "unofficial", Gernot is aware of it. You can do see changes to manifest, strings etc.

its a 733.3 KB update (steam compress data on its server) from the official build.....

Use the steam version and enable beta. Its download and update the files soon you enable it. Its pretty much same files as its was with the download. I'm was in lastest version just zipped the whole empty android studio files as I'm could not keep the track of the changed anymore. Steam track that and only download the changes files. Its a 1mb or two and about 8 to 10 files or such.

Also I'm don't support older versions now.

You should uses the newest version of the admob file and the java files. I'm don't gonna to update in a while right now.

You can still use KEY() for control. Howover Joy Is 0 can been a keyboard or a TV remote (you can check that with its joyname). Newer a gamepad. KEY() 0 to 255 do scan through all gamepads at once, due the added multiple gamepad support. This was to not break combatible. Keyscanes is not changed, but be aware for the tilt/orentation (is on id0 you want it or not).

Admob was required to been init a bit later as its might could confuse the resolution surface detection. Also remember it's take a while to init it and game don't wait for it. But should no crash.

Checkout Spot Race. Its use the newest version. Its should also detect chromebook currently as well. My chromebook did not have a touchscreen. So I'm updated the code to support keyboard and mouse, include the second button.

Off Topic / Re: Checkpoint reached!
« on: 2020-Apr-03 »
how much memery have it?

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2020-Apr-02 »
im missed this one. yes its possible. the fpga also released as open source as well.

im did not want the ads to been aggresive at all to avoid having a bad experince.

still "handicapped" ans might take time to recover.... But Spot Race is back on Google Play!

It's might overwrite anything that is on steam. But not on created files like your games. It's same maner as the previous download would do, just automatic.

you can now updata via steam! Just enable the beta brance in the steam app option. See first post.

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Mar-28 »
you could do auto fire while moving the aim? etc holding fire also move the aim, and the ufo when not held down?

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Mar-28 »
you could add dual stick and a old school control options.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Studio new beta
« on: 2020-Mar-26 »
im send you newest one for Chromebook support later today. works here fine. few lines for c++ needed for mouse support as right button can been used!

For the Adative Icons, its was much much easier let Android Studio doing those rather than glbasic do that. glbasic does only create legancy icons:

My ChromeBook used the round icon version.......

Most of those supports Android apps today. Got native mouse to work, include right click and Greedy Mouse and Spot Race now runs nice on this Chromebook. You do cannot freely resize the apps, and that ok. its a game anyway.

ads is also supported on those too! but need to hover/touch the device as they does not have a tilt acceleration.... not on this one.

howover im just aware as android 8 added adaptive icons as this lapyop use. must saw its quite very ugly when a app do NOT have its and is just add a stupid white circle around is? Why so dumb? Im do add support to create those icons before a update.

keyboard can been remapped to pc style scancodes, but can been disabled (by default). You can detect a keyboard by checking first joystick name.

PS. having left hand only cause thing slow, due schoulder inguire and then might take a break here and there.

GLBasic - en / Chromebook support coming soon
« on: 2020-Mar-24 »
Glbasic coming soon to Chromebook,

Even i is inquired after a crash, im did do work slowly today.

- Im just got keybaord with most keys remapped to pc scancodes (not all was possible, most of them)
- mouse and primary touchpad (one finger by now) include hover. Pointer is still there thought.
- You can even detect a chromebook from PLATFORMINFO$()
- Android Studio is of course required and is enabled by adding this to manifest.xml:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
    <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.type.pc" android:required="false" />
- howover resize window wont been supported and is chrashing out, but app just works fine in fullscreen.
- some keys is remapped to different pc style on a chromeos keybaord:
ESCAPE is F1 and Forward is F2 and Refresh is F3.
- Landscape is required as minimum supports! That one im have is required!
The reason is im did not want to conflict escape button to the back button.

No idea about release date, but im slow in the moment.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Studio new beta
« on: 2020-Mar-24 »
im was forced to move the ads init a bit in this version as the app might got confusion by resoulution its should uses and could got cutoff. im no remember om forced it or not. but only wih one of the two java files.

also for steam, just dont sync when you replace the steam files. then you should been good. Is Gernot that shuld update it.

but when steam update happens, its uses this version of course. im make sure to recheck.

damn. a chromeos keyboard mapping is totally different to Windows. require remapping to the pc style board. here back, forward and refresh buttons needs remap to F keys....

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