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GLBasic - en / Re: Question...
« on: 2019-May-18 »
hihi yes. there is some techincal issues, mostly with Apple after the have depreacted OpenGL. Currectly the focus is on Android right now to get it working again with the Android Studio and is nearly working! Its progress very nice.

But yes Linux would been nice to get working again! Im agree here. Should not been that hard really when first working for Android really.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-14 »
the above should pretty been more automatic to detect the version with Android Studio..... But its not a priotiy by now and im will close this topic.

Howover the editor in Android Studio has a bit too much auto correction im cant disable, which annoying me quite a bit and backspace does not do what excpeted (curser often move up intead deleting).

Howover assest loading do now works again and tilt hopefully works again. Also GameInputAPI code im have did will break combatible and needs a update to get it working. But the official JOY commands should also works throught as well KEY() commands (which im choosen to change them to a float rather than int, which allways have annoying med, property due back in the iOS game controller days).

So its a nice progress, even the help documents is require updating and Android Studio is HUGE! Howover its doess seen Android Studio automatic download the eventuelly missing files and combonents in a project.

Admob as well inapp purchase wont been in this first release, so dont bugger me with that. Its better to get thing working again. But admob should been pretty easy to reimplements again throught as we now can use the newest google services api again, which can improve the stability a lots.

Im & Gernot have still not integrate the project to glbasic yet, but its a nice progressing throught.

Just to note, Android TV is supported and Fire TV should been supported out of the box as well (as long you does not uses Google Service for those devices), and you have full access to the source code for Android version. There is no So libs used this time, that is include glbasic source code its self. Of course landscape suppot is required.

Im do havent take a look into Ouya as well gameStick. Ouya was such a great test console prior to Android TV really. Here the Ouya SDK is required to been implemented, which im think should do that as a own project really.

The project is still works on a Android 5.1 emulator and on a Android 8 phone as im have, so api 16 would been the minimumsdk required while im currectly using api 28 as target sdk (Android 9). Arm 32, 64 + Intel 32+64 bit should all been supported (the emulator im uses is Intel based). So the future 64bit requirements would not been a issue.

Fire TV is pretty much the same as with Android TV and should support it out of the box. The only different is you cannot use Google Service, which is currectly not used yet. This means you can of course not use Admob and such service on Android TV, which does not give any sense anyway on thise kind of devices.

Howovere there is a little catch im do should look, if its issue, its Audio Focus (but might not even been required, more than to example disable music in your game, so the music from the other app countinue can play):

Gernot did got it compile first, then im is gonna to reimplement the Java part bit.

GLBasic - en / Android Studio Progress......
« on: 2019-May-13 »
Instead writing in the message to gernot thread, im will write it here as a general trhead.

The progress to move glbasic to Android Studio is now more more became great, which will means im dont thinks its really is a long time to release it. Im thinks max a month and you would see a new platform. Today im have just got JavaCalls to works and im using SDK Api 29 (Android 9) with minimum Api 16 required (due the newer NDK require it).

Now its compiles and run fine, but with few issues and missing bits left.

Currectly the Gamecontrollers require some changes and hopefully im still can support gameInput API to cross support it, but SDL do have a nice progress about this area, so its should even been possible to route it to the official joy commands. Also im will support single player by using KEY() as well throught fore more simple games.

Also currectly Android TV and normal apps is supported, but im have not have Ouya and other microconsoles in mind at all. Its should been pretty easy to implement them again later eventuelly, but Android TV is a bit more important.

So im dont think we are far to get this platform working again.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-11 »
the issue with admob was the stability and for me was crash too often, and in fact the newer admob require Android Studio. So its got removed, but its will property been add back for the AS version of course when first working.

This also means we a least also can compile for both 32, 64bit as well Intel CPU (which im using for the emulator).

But currectly we do have issue to get JNI to working (which was even required for glbasic startup to set the correct orientation), etc calling java from c++ (the other way works fine). SDL 2 is also used here and we use full source to compile.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-10 »
Just a little status is, we got a project compiling in android studio and is running. But that about it. So weafe now trying to deviver the sldactivity class to add glbasic stuff. But by now gls, native  sound, controllers and admob is not a priority. More to get it running first througt android studio. And no so is used this time.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-03 »
sell it. im did sold mine to a friend, which using it by different mean. he dosent use xcode anyway. xcode has allways been qutie annoying with hash requirements.

But we cant do native code for Apple devices anyway anymore. OpenGL does still works, but can come with a warning, but they do might remove it from the next version, which is 64bit only version.

64bit is howover NOT a issue. That part IS fixed. So 64bit requirements for Android later this year would not been a issue. its the move to Android Studio that is really.

Im did do have the mac 5-6 years or such, before it got obsolete, but still annoying, when im did upgraded the ram from 2gb to 8gb. There was something different none sense issue. Sierra was the last OS im could support on my mac. Im could purchase a new used mac around 2014 and such, but have no plans to do it. This is due OpenGL. But with a good HTML5 support, then its would not been a issue anymore.

PS. We can change this typic if you wish.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-02 »
Xcode allways require the newest version of Mac OSx. If can't upgrade to that version, then you are out of luck. You do might can use the next newest, but not allways.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-02 »
Vulcan and Metal is two different api that is not combatible with each other and Metal only works on Apple machines. That is the problem. But If you do ask me, Vulcan is the better choice, because there DO exists wrappers to Metal.

Currectly im do working on stuff for..... Spectrum Next.

Im sold my mac when the machine became obsolete for no reason. Yes its was a 5-6 year old and have upgraded it to 8gb ram or such, but no go. Now the nailed it by removing both 32bit and OpenGL support. So combatible is not something Apple is worry of at all!

Even my self actuelly switched to Android last year, but its was just because.... Im broke my phone and needed one. But since im diddent do apps to mobiles anymore, im was more free to choice :-). Mobile apps was just more fun last decades  when they was new.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-02 »
im havent yet to checking it, but im do should do it sson.

Yes with HTML5, we can support Apple and other platforms back again. But as native support, we cant no longer support Apple at all! This will newer been happens, when they have removed OpenGl support. Many games will suffer for that!

But, yes, HTML5 is very promising and hope we can get that one to working. Then we would have a true cross platform again.

So yes, Windows, Android and HTML5 is property the 3 most important platforms, Apple is not of them (except with a good HTML5 support, then we can bring it back again with this version).

GLBasic - en / Re: For a new project...
« on: 2019-May-01 »
im did a rutine using bitmap that can scaling in any site. im a that used a mac program to create those font.

Im thinks its was this thread:

im have allways used my own font system, so im could uses scaling.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-01 »
the main issue is..... Apple dropped OpenGL support and iOS and Android has changed terms and require Android Studio for countinue. Howover im do thinks we do pretty close to get it running on Android Studio, im do havent used glbasic in quite a while, due Spectrum Next projects (audio side).

But yes a least would been cool to test it on Linux as well. But MacOS is clearly out. Sorry. iOS is proprety out too from iOS13, where OpenGl is property removed.

Those above is the reason im could not take anymore to the mobile section at all, due both Google and Apple change terms and require months and months to get it running again.

The source code is pretty much open now, so you can try to port it to different platform or do a vulcan/metal version of it.

PS. Gernot have send me a version of Android im should look on, but just dident have time yet. Im do still bet the best platforms would have been Windows and HTML5. If we can get a great HTML5/Java port, then the later one could have been used for various ports really. This because HTML5/Java has been pretty much a standard today and can run on pretty much anything todays devices today. Some features might been removed, but.... better than nothing.

first time was due the compiler glbasic was used was simply just...... too old... but howover yes you are right as archivements, mostly in Genius Greedy Mouse (which have bounch of internal once) should do have them.

The compilers is updated and should been quite easy to integrate the steam SDK directly into the source code im should do this a day.

Off Topic / Re: Now that cool.....
« on: 2019-Mar-25 »
The game runs on the original Spectrum Next hardware and im have a devkit board for testing (im have tested the game a LOTS). Spectrum Next is still a 8bit machine and fell like something a PC Engine or around that. PC Engine is the machine im would compare most with, if you ask me.

So the sound is of course only using the AY chip inside the Spectrum Next, but we do have 3 of them here. So this is what its are and why music sounds as its are :-). Its retro and its a 8bit machine and should fit as a 8bit game.

In Baggers in Space case, Music in Baggers in space is a single AY 3 channel music, while tunes outside ingame uses 2 AY's for music (6 channels), except the death one.

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