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GLBasic - en / Re: Android Studio Progress......
« Last post by MrPlow on Today at 12:42 pm »
Great to hear!
All sounds very positive and great work on the controller stuff - that will be very nice feature for GLB!
GLBasic - en / Re: Android Studio Progress......
« Last post by spacefractal on Today at 12:47 am »
we stilll working on it. Today its has seen the minimum android version Glbasic in the future can support is API-18 (Android 4.3) as its simply just crash out on startup on older system, due a missing SO, which im cant do anything at all!

GameController seens work better now the default gamepad layouts should all works, even with KEY().

Look like most controllers have two different layout: A Google one and a Microsoft one for the sticks. Im have seen the order have been right stick, left trigger, right trigger (correct order) as well left trigger, right stick and right trigger. Quite annoying. So yes... axes conflict happens!

Im do so much HATE the Android GameController Java report system!!!

But howover fullscreen seens also finally works now, which is a quite annoying issue and a fix was a quite strange as well.

Im need to test out the glbasic intetegration as well.

Admob is not a priotity in the first version as im wrote, but its can been easy added later on.
GLBasic - en / Re: Fullscreen fix
« Last post by spacefractal on Today at 12:41 am »
currectly you cant set higher resolution than your desktop uses in glbasic without its freak out (a issue im should look a day, but not a priotity). use a external screen.

Yes im did a auto rescaling system as well past in the day in the code snippet. I mdo newer used PRESCALER throught due it. Genius Greedy Mouse and Karma Miwa did newer used any virtual screen, due speed reasons.
Bug Reports / Re: Profiler broken?
« Last post by bigsofty on Yesterday at 08:52 pm »
I had a quick look at Tracy, yeah seems like a very good profiler. Not sure it would work out of the box with GLBasic though, as it needs OpenGL 3. I did a quick tutorial on installing OpenGL 3 support but that was on a per project basis.
Bug Reports / Re: Profiler broken?
« Last post by dreamerman on Yesterday at 10:54 am »
I saw gprof2dot and tried it, little messing around with all that python, PATH setting stuff but it worked. Checked it on simple demo and produced image graph isn't something spectacular, at least it shows some connections between functions, but not all :/
There are some active profilers like tracy with more features but they require including additional functions/source in project, this particular profiler should be compatible with GCC & OpenGL.
GLBasic - en / Just an idea
« Last post by Snoopy on Yesterday at 03:23 am »
I have an idea (the others: "Oh my god ! Snoopy has again an idea" :D)

Why not program an open source game all together that would be offered for free on Steam with GLB?
This game would mix 2D and 3D so that all the talents here (and they are numerous) can do what they want. No?
Bug Reports / Re: Profiler broken?
« Last post by bigsofty on Yesterday at 12:05 am »
Still no luck for me I'm afraid, I'm pretty sure I tried this earlier but I went though the steps again here just in case and still no "gmon.out". Hmm...

BTW there are a couple of Windows utils that will produce a profile graph based on gmon.out... and

You'll need to make sure python is install first though.

EDIT: OK, I got it working. The main problem was the project command line options. I chose Win64 as my target, so I added "-pg" to the linker and GCC for that platform(Each platform has its own set of command line options). BUT there seems to be a bug with the project options even if you choose Win64 the GLB compiler ONLY uses Win32 projects command line options. Changing the Win32 ones(even though I'm not compiling Win32) seemed to add the "-pg" to the compile process.

Thanks for your help Dreamerman.  :booze:
GLBasic - en / Re: Fullscreen fix
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-May-23 »
So You are rather looking for something like PRESCALER command? To get Your game scaled properly to all resolutions that user can choose.
There was also one system for that made by spacefractal
Or I'm getting something wrong - it's late :D
GLBasic - en / Re: Fullscreen fix
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-May-23 »
No fancy modes or 3D in use - or extern files.

1280 x 1024 is my destop and I have my project set to 1366 x 768 for common laptop full res settings.

As a test, I want to be able to resize to the 1280 x 1024 then re-position and rescale from 1366 to 1280 and center with a letterbox using createscreen sprite of 1366 x 768.

It seems the best alternative for me I think.

GLBasic - en / Re: Fullscreen fix
« Last post by dreamerman on 2019-May-23 »
hm.. on what OS You have problems with SetScreen? Did You tried using SetScreen on basic project just ot test if some graphic functions like 3d is causing problems?
Personally I didn't encounter problems with SetScreen apart one - default res 720p game on some user laptop (WXGA display) - game window was wrongly positioned - wasn't centered (so he wasn't able to see bottom of it), but that can be bypassed by manual change in app cfg file.
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