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GLBasic - en / Re: Tilt on Android
« Last post by MrPlow on Today at 05:01 PM »
Still no tilt for my Android 6 device - might be a problem with api 6.0 or could be a Nexus issue

Also - suddenly one of my apps for Android 10 getting bad reviews saying no graphics - might be the recent "assets" changes?

"There's no ship!"

I will see if I can test with Android 10 on emulator

If you can Android 10 or  can try it
GLBasic - en / Re: Tilt on Android
« Last post by MrPlow on Today at 04:20 PM »
Okay -I am testing again - I didn't have the Analog keys setting to 1
Some things are lost in translation...

Also, you mentioned Android TV - If possible can any Android TV changes be separate to the Admob and current Android Controller code?

Just so that any changes wont affect or require roll-back if your Android TV testing runs into any problems...

It might be easier for users to keep up with the code changes/tweaks for Android if each new item was it's own separate code file - separate from and so on...

GLBasic - en / Re: Tilt on Android
« Last post by spacefractal on Today at 03:56 PM »
while have a bit sitty day, im do just got joypad, ads and tilt to working a least on this device, while there was no change to the sdl code required at all. So its should works, a lease on devices that support accelerate sensors (has been since API3).

Its diddent crash, even used the OUYA controller (yes the MOGA newer worked again, but the OUYA is a great test controller).
GLBasic - en / Re: Tilt on Android
« Last post by spacefractal on Today at 01:32 PM »
Im have currectly a very sitty day, so im might not want to do anything more today.

This is not just techincal (A Moga joypad refused to work and there was no help to find due, thier homepage was now locked behind a forced account) issues, but also other none techincal issues as well.

Now im need to find a purchase a another android joypad that is NOT a Moga. Howover im do soon get a Android TV, so im should checking xbox and ps controllers works as intended.

PS. Im still have a OUYA controller, that works fine and have no shitty connection issues.
GLBasic - en / Re: Tilt on Android
« Last post by spacefractal on Today at 11:53 AM »
better to get thh Android Studio project. then im can better checkout. (no, im dont need the glbasic part, only a cleaned Android Studio project).

Its works nicely here on Greedy Mouse testing using this code:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
LOCAL X%=(KEY(240)-KEY(241))*1000
LOCAL Y%=(KEY(242)-KEY(243))*1000

with those values in values/strings.xml

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
    <string name="Analog_Keys">1</string>
    <string name="UseTilt">1</string>

Analog_Keys does not automatic enabled when UseTilt is used, a deadzone mightbeen used.

PS. The JOY code is still slightly wrong, but can first fix it on tomorrow or afternoon.
GLBasic - en / Re: Tilt on Android
« Last post by MrPlow on Today at 11:36 AM »

Still not working with your new values on my tablet

Does the app above work and show values for the tilt?
K: 0, 0

On my tablet the values remain at zero
Announcements / Re: New Space Game
« Last post by MrPlow on Today at 09:27 AM »
Thanks SnooPI

Actually the Asteroids in this game are meant as a distraction to disrupt the player, and cause no ship damage...
...its a mix of Asteriods and a few other games...main aspect is too protect the energy crates.

Yes, I love the look of the Vectrex and after playing it at retro event and the real asteroids arcade I did a Vectrex like Asteroids called...Vectoids
Announcements / Re: New Space Game
« Last post by SnooPI on Today at 02:39 AM »
It looks like a nice remake of Asteroids.

With your rendering system, you can adapt many Vectrex games (with work of course).

PS : Don't watch Vectrex games on an emulator, the rendering is not at all the same as on a real Vectrex console.

im updated the joypad image a little bit as there was one wrong a value and the tilt function. Mr Plow, fell free to clear it up with right font.
GLBasic - en / Re: Tilt on Android
« Last post by spacefractal on Yesterday at 08:10 PM »
not at all for the KEY() part, its was values for the JOY() commands that was wrong. you do still consider do a remap feature for your app. Gamepads is really threated as a keyboard on Android. Its mostly the right stick and the analoge triggeres that sometimes can been swapped around.
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