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Like the Apple AppStore thread, this one contains Palm Catalog programs

Please make a post in the form of :

Name of Application
Minimum webOS version
File size
Application Submission Type : (Beta/Appstore submission)


Name: PlushBreaker
Genre: Strategy
Cost: 1.00 Eur
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5


This game follows the classical principle of "Match x" games. You have to try to find as many as same coloured plushies next to each other. The more you delete all at once, the more points you get. ;)

The mini plushies are cute animated and are happy, that you will send them to the plushie paradise.

Good luck!

Catalog Link:
Website Link:

Ian Price

B'lox! is now available to purchase from the Palm App Catalog :)

Name: B'lox!
Genre: Puzzle Game
Cost: $1.50/£1.20
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5


App catalog:
I came. I saw. I played.


Genre: FUN
Cost: 1$/1€
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5
Languages: English, spanish

Do you want to be The King of the Party?

Or do you want to cheat your friends or their coins?

With this simple app, you will be able to perform a simple magic trick that will amaze your friends.

Ask them for a coin (it can be a dollar, gb pound or euro) and make it disappear. They will try to repeat the trick, but they will not be able. After many tries, you can repeat the trick and... the coin will dissapear again!

The will get crazy to find the trick with no luck!

And if you want extra laughs, just say ABRACADABRA while performing the trick... this will confuse them, and you will laugh even more!

The game includes detailed instructions about how to perform the trick and how it works, and a interactive tutorial that will help you to master the trick.

Don't let pass this oportunity, be a real magician and get fun with your friends... even you can earn some money!
check my web and/or my blog :D (devblog)
I own PC-Win, MacBook 13", iPhone 3G/3GS/4G and iPAC-WinCE


Cost: 2$/2€
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5
Languages: English, spanish, french, german, italian, portuguese, brazilian, hungarian and norwegian.

The Last Angel

The very first graphic novel, edited exclusively in digital format, with color high resolution images.

Enjoy a visual quality never seen before on your iPhone/iPad.

"The last angel" tells the story of a war between beings of hell and heaven.

In this war, the ones without authority to contradict the 10 commandments, as 'you shall not kill', are victims and easy preys of this demons, thirsty of revenge.
Enjoy this first chapter, "The Beginning", where you will know how the tragic story of Kaden begun, the protagonist of "The last angel".

"The last angel" is the Opera Prima of Alberto Espejo, 26, Seville, and it has a very elaborated script, where he mixes reality and fantasy, mythological beings and angels, in a universe perfectly suited.

The new chapters will be on the application automatically whenever they are available.

Also this is the first comic published under iQuiosk technology, developed by, that lets the authors to publish easily, with their material protected, maintaining the global property of his job. Even the use of iQuiosk is free.

Note: this app needs an additional online download of 55mb once installed. Ask your mobile company or use a WiFi conection.
check my web and/or my blog :D (devblog)
I own PC-Win, MacBook 13", iPhone 3G/3GS/4G and iPAC-WinCE


Game Name: Hit the Deck Baseball
Game Publisher: Smashed Fly
Game Genre: Action / Arcade / Family
Platforms: Palm Pre
Minimum webOS Version: 1.4.5
Game Cost: $0.99
App Catalog:
Web Page:

"HIT THE DECK" baseball was made after one of the great baseball pinball games of the 80's. It was the
first mechanical baseball game to use solid state electronics which adds digital music and voices from
"Take me out to the ballgame" to umpire calls and boos and cheers from the crowd, the game comes alive.
Some features to keep the game challenging; "home run scores double when lit" and a
"consecutive home run multiplier" that really cranks up the score.

We made "HIT THE DECK" baseball even more challenging than the original baseball pinball game, by
adding a home run ramp that goes up and down randomly, "double play" lights and score double points
when lit on the baseball's on the upper deck. Plus, excellent graphics, sounds, physics and global and
local leadeboards.

Two player mode, play against a friend, you be the batter while your friend pitches the ball, or just feel like
hitting home runs, then try out home run derby and see if you can hit the most home runs and make the
global leaderboards. Then there is player vs cpu mode, in this mode you play against the iPad which will
swing the bat automatically while you pitch the ball.

- 5 game modes(Arcade, Two Player, Player vs CPU Easy and Hard and Home run derby)
- Online global and local leaderboards
- Excellent physics simulation
- No Lag
- 3D rendered graphics and animation
- Digital stereo sounds
- Choose from 3, 6 or 9 innings
- Pause and resume


Hardware: iMac 27", MacBook Air, PC 3.5Ghz Quad
Developing Tools: GLBasic SDK, Gideros Studio, PureBasic
Developing for: iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, webOS, HTML5


Name of Application : Vector Editor
Genre : Programming Utility
Cost : Free
Minimum webOS version : 1.4.5
File size : 1.01Mb
Application Submission Type : Beta

I was surprised this was accepted actually (bet it wouldn't if I did it for the Apple's App Store :) ), but accepted it is...

This was submitted for several reason - to see if it would be accepted; to get some screen shots for my book; and to see if 1.4.5 people will give me feedback on it.

Beta link :

Ian Price

I've now released a FREE taster version of B'lox! for Palm Pre/2 (WebOS 1.4.5 and above). Screenshots as above ^

The free version allows you to play the first 12 puzzles (10% of the total).
I came. I saw. I played.


Application Title :   Hairy Legs
Company Name :   Hey There Software
Primary Category :   Games
Secondary Tags :   Arcade, Action / Adventure
Price: $1.50 USD

Check out the website at for screenshots and other projects.

Description :
Hairy Legs is a fun and addicting game with a blast of humor. In Hairy Legs you tilt your device left and right to guide a razor down a never ending leg. Avoid multiple obstacles such as zits, scabs, cuts and others. There are powerups along the way to help you shave including the Golden Razor. Chase away any flies for bonus points. * Addictive game play * 2 methods of play, tilt and touch. * Compete globally with other hand held devices with global scoring. * Humorous music and graphics. * Virtual Keyboard. Enter your name without having to slide out the keyboard. Check out our web site at


Name of Application : VectorEditor
Genre :  Productivity & Utilities, Tools, Vector Editing
Cost : Free
Minimum webOS version : 1.4.5
File size : Approx 2.56 Mb
Application Submission Type : Appstore

My VectorEditor is now available :


Name of Application : UsefuleCodeViewer
Genre :  Productivity & Utilities, Tools
Cost : Free
Minimum webOS version : 1.4.5
File size : Approx 4.19 Mb
Application Submission Type : Appstore

The UsefulCodeViewer program (quite an inaccurate name, but there you go) is now available!


Spots : The Strategy Game
Games : Puzzles / Word Games, Strategy
Cost : Free
webOS Version : 1.4.5
File size : 28.26Megs
Application Submission Type : Appstore

I can finally announce that Spots is available for the App Store!

Ian Price

Dicey is now available on the Palm App Catalog :)

Name: Dicey
Genre: Virtual dice
Cost: FREE
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5


App Catalog Link -
I came. I saw. I played.


Two for me today :

Name Of Application : GraphicsToDATA
Games : Productivity & Tools, Utilities
Cost : Free
webOS Version : 1.4.5
File size : 3.34Megs
Application Submission Type : Appstore

This is my Graphics To DATA conversion program = this allows you to include graphics within your program, reducing the need for extra files.  The results can be emailed to your PC.

Name Of Application : GLBasic Command Set Reference Guide
Games : Productivity & Utilities
Cost : Free
webOS Version : 1.4.5
File size : 2.66Megs
Application Submission Type : Appstore

This one was accepted amazingly fast :)  Its the complete GLBasic comman set in an easy-to-read (but not particularly pretty) interface.

Ian Price

Mined Out has finally been accepted onto the App Catalog -

Name Of Application : Mined Out!
Games : Game
Cost : £0.80/ $1.00/ 1.00 Euro
webOS Version : 1.4.5+
File size :
Application Submission Type : App Catalog

Link -

I came. I saw. I played.