Inter-Extended-Type Messaging System

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This demos my Inter-Extended-Type Messaging System, which is a very simple messaging system between registered extended types.

To use :

Select an option from a window, enter some text in the text window and press SEND.  The available options are :

ALLI - Send text to all windows, including the sender.
ALLE - Send text to all windows, excluding the sender.
FIRST - Send text to first window
LAST - Send text to last window
NEXT - Send text to next window, with no wrapping
PREV - Send text to last window, with no wrapping
Window 1 to Window 4 - Send text to specific window

Notes :

No window directly calls the sending window, its all done by the messaging system
At the moment, a standard first to last seach is performed to find the correct window.  This could be changed to a better binary search routine.

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As you'll be able to tell from my question, my experience with GUI programming is practically non-existent, but what do you/would you use this for?  Just out of curiosity.
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It would be useful, if say, you are doing a 4 player game on one computer.  One player has done something to hinder his/her/its opponents, so what you would do is send a message to all players (except the sendee), which would be picked up in turn and dealt with appropriately.

Yes, you could call a function in a type directly or perhaps modify some variables, but as I mentioned in my blog, it could be fraught with difficulties and add extra bugs to a program.