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I originally posted about this conversion of a GM game I made into GLBasic, original post found Here, refer to it to find a link to the original GM version.

Early Alpha
Actually, this one has the proper drawing for the puzzle, well not perfect, but now it won't devour your memory.

As of now, a lot of features are not added, some things need tuning up, like when the puzzle grid appears, it draws too in every frame.  Unlike the map area which saves its image and updates it with new tile graphics.

Arrow keys to move the cursor, enter to select a tile/complete puzzle.  Backspace is used to cancel puzzle mode, cost you one point.  Additionally you can't complete the level.  Escape quits the program.

This version compiled in 7.206, since my pendrive can't seem to take an update, its all I had at the time when I compiled it.  I'll have to see how things work in the newer version I have at home, since I noticed a big speed change between the versions while working on my rpg engine for another game.

*Update Jan 24*
Started adding the coins, don't have them rotate just yet, but I do have a nice queing system going.  I was going to post a simple one involving 80 coins being qued, but decided to push the limits and had 1600 coins qued.

Additionally I did some comparisons to the GameMaker version and the GLBasic version.

On a ACER ASPIRE 8.9" netbook

GM 6.1
    MEM 23.3M
    CPU 7%
    MEM 23.3m
    CPU 14%
    MEM 23.5m
    CPU 21%

GLBasic 7.242
    MEM 11.4
    CPU 1%
    MEM 11.4
    CPU 2%
    MEM 12.4
    CPU 5%
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