Particle system

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A built-in 2D particle system may nbe useful.

S. P. Gardebiter

Yeah I'm all for an particle system too.
I don't know if SETPIXEL is just fast enough to make a costum one.
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I used DRAWRECT for the 2d gravity sim, and the alife program, these are posted in download section.

2d grav sim: On my pc(slow imo), many hundreds of them can be used fairly quickly.

alife program: hundreds of unique systems can be generated before system slows down..
The amount posted to the screen should represent the most possible before  fps drops below 60fps.
When the lifeforms get large about 150 unqiue forms  can float around at 60fps.

I also am not finished with my cprint font, but i have created an elaborate particle system for them.
I can post many dozens of characters (fully animated with particles), before them system bogs down.

Also, ive seen a 2d particle system somewhere in the forums, a game was made with them but i think it wasnt being shared in public code.

Further: Schranz0r made a particle system but i think the download links are dead atm:
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O