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Is anyone successfully using the network features of GLB ??
I was able to built a simple client server with few examples from the forums... but...

It worked the way it should only that the server hangs after I connect a client and return the focus to the server window... Even with one single client connected to the server window it hangs...this test was done in a single lookback was used.... Anyone has another tests to share with us? I saw on the german forum that the network commands were kinda broken somethime ago... not sure how many efford was put on fixing it...

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Did you remember the AUTOPAUSE FALSE command at the top of the program? This makes the program that is not in focus to not pause.

I'm still having some troubles with the network code that one client lags after but I'm not sure why this is, might be that I'm running both of them on the same computer and one is taking all the processing power.


yes I used the autopause... this lag occurs on my server everytime i run it locally... watched the cpu, only minimal use...i have not idea...

Kitty Hello

Yes, there is a working network example. Was it a chat?


YOu have my working chat app, gernot. But i have a prerelease anywhere on my hdd i will check

EDIT:// Found

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Thank you trucidare and Gernot :D