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did anyone have success saving and finding files on android lately?
I cannot seem to get the app to save into Media folder or elsewhere?
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Kitty Hello

Media is protected. You should save to PLATFORMINFO$("APPDATA").
You need the request the permissions. Seach for "android permission" on this forum. There is a function somewhere.
See my BlueTooth Printer project, it requests them.


Thanks Gernot
Ideally I would want the image saved to Gallery on the Android device...but if that's not possible then knowing where to find the image is key...
Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs


its require a permission from the user as Media folder is procected and then also return its path if you get granted.

This require some added java code in requestPermission java code and then return a path rather than "1" or "0".

Im have no plans to do that currectly.
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