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Spanish Seuck Compo y Olé
« on: 2017-Feb-05 »
First I introduce myself, I´m Igor Errazkin, AKA Errazking.
Author of several games and participant in the Seuck compo for Commodore 64 organized by TND.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Seuck I have organized a competition of Seuck called Spanish Seuck Compo and Olé. Obviously it's Spanish for being held in Spain, not for anything else.

I was aware of the existence of this version and unlike the Compo de TND on the occasion of the anniversary I have opened the contest to all available versions, including this one.


. Who can participate?
At first they may participate all those games wich where developes with SEUCK, with all versions and variations.
This is:
Original SEUCK C64
Original Amiga SEUCK
Original SEUCK for Atari ST
Original SEUCK for Windows

In addition to:
C64 Seuck Sideways
C64 Seuck Redux

. Conditions for participation
All games developed with these tools can participate.
Games made from 1987 until this year will have to follow these conditions: to haven't been published or submitted to any other competition.

. Other conditions:
Games can show all kinds of material, provided they do not offend an individual, group or collective.
All games presented compete on equal terms to the extent that will not be divided into categories depending on the computer system used for making them.
Showing graphics from other games are allowed. If the original author brought to the attention of the organization's refusal to allow the use of these, they will be automatically removed. Otherwise it will be understood that this use is due to a tribute and not the plagiarism and may be in the competition.
The use of the improvements which are the SEUCK School, just as SEUCK Redux use is allowed in turn supported.
The inclusion of .dat files used for making the game would be appreciated.

. Deadlines
The competition will begin on February 1 and will end date of reception on October 1 this year.
Once the deadline closed the jury will have one month to assess the material presented to determine and award the prizes to the winners if any.

. Jury
The jury will consist of four people whose identity is kept secret so they can not see coerced by participants.
In case of a tie myself come to settle in favor of it fit me.
The jury 's decisions are final and discussions of any kind will not be accepted except the usual tantrums in social networks.
Similarly the ratings are arbitrary and responsibility to exercise the discretion lies with the judges themselves.
Turn a link will open for the public to vote in consciousness resulting public award the prize to one of the participants.

and that's it!

. Awards
Results of the Spanish Seuck compo and Olé will be published on December 14 this year while delivering the same will take place during the course of Explora Commodore the following year.
Prizes as such are:
Availability of the physical format game for the winner, as well as for the chosen game by the public.
Preservation of the games presented.
and something else...

At this moment we are adapting a section inside to host the games that are presented.
In case of being interested in participating do not hesitate to contact me in this same post or by private through the email.

Thanks a lot.