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This is a nice article I recently came across and I would like to share the link...

I've always been interested in Roguelikes but I was always baffled by the RPG mechanics and the general scope of Roguelikes. There a real 'coders' genre IMHO, almost no graphics or sound to mess around with, just code. I'm seriously thinking of giving it a go myself.  :noggin:

If anyone is really interested in this subject I would heartily recommend this subreddit too...

Good video - watching it now!

Might also delve into this - Moria on the Amiga was one of my favourite games....

I´m super interested.
I have started something roguelike before that I want to finish this year still. :)
thanks! will get to it now.

Moria on the school Apple 2 was the first computer game I played that blew me away. I used to compare computer games to the arcade(Defender, Pac-Man, Gauntlet etc.) but obviously computers at the time could not compare, so I was generally left unimpressed. But this Moria blew the arcade games away in terms gameplay, immersion and atmosphere. It was my first hint that computer games where not just "quick fix" type of games, they could be relaxing and you could pour time into them and get some very rewarding results. Even today, the scope of the actions that a player can do is still pretty well unmatched in graphical action RPGs.

It was one of the first games where I feared for my characters life...Permadeath!
Rooms filling up with fast-breeding creatures and the further down in the depths you went the freakier it got!

Truly a classic!


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