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You don't need a separate object if you want to switch the texture.

OK, added to the next update.

You need more than 4000 different 3D objects? Really?

Media Section / STEAM - Asset Creator
« on: 2019-Feb-01 »
The attached GLBasic project creates all assets required for your STEAM page.
You just replace the files "banner.png", "logo.png" and "font.png" with your stuff and in the source change the app$.
It will proportionally scale the banner background, add the logo at the left side and scale the app name to the right side for the capsule graphics.
That's handy, ain't it!?

Beta Tests / Re: Test 3D software
« on: 2019-Jan-29 »
I got 60 FPS - might be locked to screen refresh rate in my driver.

No, I just didn't happen to have better videos available - I am quite short on spare time and the STEM release cost me quite some grey hair.
However... [drumroll] it seems to have paid. I never expected this large impact.

I'll soon update the code. It will compile on V16 (lots of compiler imporvements were required)

Some platforms for v16 are available to download.

I am undecided whether to release GLBasic as a non-steam version. Maybe yes, but at a slightly higher price.
What do you think?
I requested promo keys and will put some in the bonus forum as soon as they are available.

The code also works on Desktop now, yes.

Announcements / Bluetooth / Serial RS232
« on: 2018-Dec-12 »
OK. after another sleepless night, I can print to the bluetooth printer on windows. (V16 will feature this).

I kept it quite abstract, so you can talk to any bluetooth device and it should be fully cross platform.
Also, you can use the COM interfaces to talk to RS232 devices with this library. I use parts of the LGPL library from

Folks, I'm so amazed about my new gadget. A thermal printer (see attached image).

I've got GLBasic code running, that can send a sprite image to that printer via bluetooth on your Android device. (You can use the BT library to talk to any bluetooth device, btw.)

For the competition you get a few functions in a library and this test project:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
        LOADSPRITE "Media/test.png", 101

        LOCAL printer_pixels_width% = 384 // must be editable by user. Default = 384
        DitherSprite(101, printer_pixels_width) // id%, cut_width%

        // Show the dithered image - you can save or use that for debugging/preview
        DRAWSPRITE 101,0,32

        // List all paired BT devices - user must pick one from the list
        LOCAL devs$[]

        // connect to one of the string in devs$[]
        BT_connect("BlueTooth Printer")

        // do print the image pixels
        // close connection
        // some more paper and cut (if device lets you do this)


You will also get a function to pick a picture from camera or from the gallery.

The BlueTooth-Library attached is cross-platform and can talk to any BlueTooth device with raw data streams.

That's all you need. Now join the competition and write a software for that printer with the given functions. A demo project is attached. It might not compile for Android, but the function names wil stay as they are. I did tests and all is working great. Ready? Set? GO!

Do samething amazing. Something creative. Something funny. Something that makes one want to get such a printer.

The 1st prize is such a printer. Shiny new device, sparkling on your table, purring in your pocket.
2nd to 3rd price: Printer paper

Competition ends at March, 1st 2019.

PS.Spread the word - I'm not very connected in social media anymore  :good:

Edit - See my test project and the final libraries attached.

Can I use the video partially for a GLBasic presenation on steam?

Very old thread. On Windows 10 Press Win+G to record videos.

Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« on: 2018-Nov-16 »
Very cool. Can I use part of your video for a GLBasic promotion video on steam?

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