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Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: Yesterday at 12:48 am »
Instead of SLEEP

Using a timer variable that uses gettimerall() millseconds value to allow you to skip mousechecking on every loop.

i use timers for all kinds of stuff
only sleep does the fix

Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: 2019-Feb-21 »
Try not to multiply the speed of the mouse_velocity by a delta time but with a mouse_speed variable that the player of your game will be able to modify in the options.
without sleep its breaking the raw output. sleep 1 does the trick.
furthermore, with sleep 1, you can use a delta time no prob
Code: GLBasic [Select]
                sleep 1
                self.M2X%       = MOUSEAXIS(0)  // raw x
                self.M2Y%       = MOUSEAXIS(1)  // raw y
                self.M2W%       = MOUSEAXIS(2)  // wheel +/- raw
                self.M2B1%      = MOUSEAXIS(3)  // button 1 raw
                self.M2B2%      = MOUSEAXIS(4)  // button 2 raw
                self.M2B3%      = MOUSEAXIS(5)  // button 3 raw
                MOUSESTATE self.M1X, self.M1Y, self.M1B1, self.M1B2 // this is for 2d mouse position & button clicks

ye, sounds like an array crash

actually its 4224=4096+128 objects, but whos counting anyways? lol

i realize this defeats the purpose of having no extra files to load, yet...
u can reuse object ID numbers, and can save infinite amounts of objects to drive.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
INC num, 1 ////etc etc etc
CreateCube(num, sz)

// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
// -=#  CREATECUBE_NO_TEXTURE: Fast but without texture  #=-
// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
FUNCTION CreateCube_no_texture:  num, sz
        // Diese Variablen sind als LOCAL definiert:
        // num, sz,

        // 2-4-3-1
        // | | | |
        // 6-8-7-5
        //   | |
        //   6-5
        //   | |
        //   2-1
        //   | |
        //   4-3 Strip: 4 3 8 7 5 3 1 4 2 8 6 5 2 1

        // Normals + culling is wrong!!

LOCAL s[], n, m, x,y,z
        DIM s[14]
        s[0]=4; s[1]=3; s[2]=8; s[3]=7; s[4]=5
        s[5]=3; s[6]=1; s[7]=4; s[8]=2; s[9]=8
        X_OBJSTART 0
                FOR m=0 TO 13
                        x = MOD(n, 2)
                        y = 1-INTEGER(n/4)
                        z = 1-MOD(INTEGER(n/2), 2)
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX  x-.5, y-.5, z-.5, 0, 0, RGB(255,255,255)
        X_SAVEOBJ "Filename" + num + ".png", 0

FAQ / Re: Prevent 3d Camera "Shake"
« on: 2019-Feb-15 »
its mostly just math physics not much in the way of special effect.
just a toy at the moment, no real plans for this side project.
my big dream is still to do a flight sim. i have all the code i need for one, just not the time i need.

Beta Tests / Re: Test 3D software
« on: 2019-Feb-15 »
sure but i want that code to render 3ds direct ;)

FAQ / Re: Prevent 3d Camera "Shake"
« on: 2019-Feb-14 »
its kinda fun, i find myself spending hours every night playing with profiles, formations.
Fact: Most solar systems have a jupiter-like planet circling near the star.
In this sim, you can actually see this sort of thing form, and you can see why it happens (if you watch)
Watching, waiting, thats what this sim is about, theres not much to do except to start the planets and watch them whirl merge and form orbits.

FAQ / Re: Prevent 3d Camera "Shake"
« on: 2019-Feb-14 »
Its just something im playing with , newtons laws, mixed with sphere volume/radius algorithm.
So far what i have is a planetary solar system formation simulator, in very early stages.
Newtons gravity algorithm looks really cool in 3d space.
The spheres increase in mass as they collide, biggest mass wins the collisions.

take a looky:

Love helicopters.
Im back, alot is new.
I am armed with a 3d particle engine, and a 3d entity system, and a 3d gravity system.
Its been years, i'm locking this topic, as im going to work on a more modern type of game.
Stay tuned in beta test forums, thats where you will find me pushing out tests.

ok i put the latest update in the showroom, and got rid of that old junker there.

Beta Tests / Re: Test 3D software
« on: 2019-Feb-14 »
 i got 340 fps from your test

In general, its a relatively fast object, with moderate amount of nodes, good.
However, when i convert this using GLBasic .ddd converter, there seems to be a lack of texture coordinates.
Here are some screenshots in AGOSA
AGOSA is in the showroom.

ps. can you share the code you used to render the object?  :booze:

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Feb-13 »
A CTRL+Mousewheel zoom in the IDE, like web browsers, would be nice for us old guys.  :good:

ah ya, zooms further and smoother now, thanks

Its not only win10, Its the same for windows 7, full screen is not maximized, its fullscreen.

Many fullscreen games use ALT+ENTER to induce window mode because their games dont minimize on ALT TAB, its not a window.

How do you implement your sourcecode?

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