Boardgame- Competition

Game submissions

The games are currently being voted. You can download the games as a big package now.
The results can be seen here. The prizes will be sent within the next week.

OK, the files can be uploaded here now.
Uploading a new file will overwrite the old file. If the captchas are hard to read, just retry until it's through.

- README.txt in the archive with: Name, email, 2-3 lines about the game?
- Win32 executable (or source code) in?
- If source code, "_keep_source.txt" optionally in?
- file zipped or rar'ed?
- file size < 15 MB?

Off you go! And many thanks for your contribution.




  1. The competition starts at 01-Oct-2009 and ends at 12-Feb-2010 (full 3 months, x.mas incl.).
  2. Was extended by one month!!!
  3. The topic is "board games". The game must be a computer version of an existing board game. For little-known games, please provide a proof.
  4. The submissions must be written exclusively for the "GLBasic-Board Games Competition 2009". It must be new games, created from scratch. Extensions of extisting projects will have to be disqualified when discovered.
  5. All submissions must be freeware and stay so. If you submit, you agree that this version of the game can be published as freeware for good. Selling a further development is no problem, though. The copyright stays with the autors. All included media files must have all rights reserverd.
  6. The game must show a splash screen that can be skipped by any key or tapping the screen (mouse click). The splash screen image can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. It must not be altered nor faded in our out.
  7. Network games are allowed.
  8. The game must at least run on Windows. Addintional platforms are nice.
    Screen resolutions for GP2x/Wiz/Windows Mobile: 320x240
    For iPhone/iPod Touch 320x480 or 480x320.
  9. All games must be made with GLBasic. The DEMO version suffices, totally. There's no need to buy a license to the full version or an upgrade.
  10. The source code can be submitted to allow users of the DEMO version to have a game created without the time limit. The source code will be distributed only on explicit desire.
  11. The team judges the submissions totally highhandedly and descides by feeling - better make sure your game feels good ;)
  12. The submissions must be uploaded as a zip or rar file to a website listed here, later. The file size is limited to 15 MB. In the main directory there must be an .exe file (the game) or a .gbap and .gbas file (project and source) to have us compile the release version for you. If you want to distribute the sources include an empty text file called "_keep_sources.txt" in the main directory.
  13. The judges reviews are final and incontestable. It's your job to keep the rules.

Splash Screens

Here are the splash screens in various formats. If you miss a format, you can downsize a larger image and crop the image at the bottom or top, or fill the missing pixels with black (bottom or top).