Dance to the exhaust...

When exercising with your PC becomes addiction
When you're smashing cockroaches at home, there must be a GLBasic USB Dance Mat around. For this even pulls the laziest couch potatoes to the dance floor. Or rather: The dance mats, on which you step and jump until the neighbour knocks on the door to join. The aprx. 1 x 1 meter gamepad has 8 directional arrow pads that are aligned similar to common joysticks plus 2 buttons for "start" and "select" options. The connection is made through a standart USB plug to any PC you want.

The Mats

We ship mats in the size 93 x 81 x 0.7cm. The surface is made from anti-slip plasics with internal soft foam layer. That spares the knee woreout, allowing you to stay some extra time on the mats. Attached to the mat is a 1.97m long cable with an USB plug. That's pretty enough line to set a whole lot of people in a reasonable distance to the PC.
No driver needs to be installed. The mats are recognized as standart joysicks.

The Games

You will receive 3 *free* games. The game Twister Dance Mat saves boring family gatherings.

With "Kakerlympics" you have to master different olympic disciplines within a set time. So, e.g. you have to jump over Pizza and Cheese chunks, running for the gold medal, or lit up Pizza pieces and find mathcing pairs of cockroaches below them. The fun really starts when you try to protect a cake from approaching roaches by "stomping on them".
The game "Kakerlympics" can be played by up to 8 players simultanously.

Also free, you get a dance game in the style of DanceDanceRevolution where you have to dance to a given foot-position pattern. The more accurate you hit the pads, the highrer you score. Even loosing is fun here, epecially when stepping with a buddy.
The quality of both games offer never ending fun, thanks to the amazing music and professinal 3D graphics. Be it cockroaches in the kitchen or dancing in the disco, with all that moving and jumping you won't stay dry and the pounds drop rapidly. It's also unimportant if you play on Windows(C)(R) or Linux. Both games run without problems, there.


  • Dimensions: 93 x 81 x 0.7cm
  • Box: 33 x 31.5 x 21cm
  • Cable Length: 1.97cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • USB 1.1 / 2.0 Compatible
  • No Installation Required
  • True "Plug and Play"


  • ideal for gym replacement
  • more games available out there
  • the dance mat can be folded and is shipped with a box
  • the games offer multiplayer feature
  • no driver installation required
  • games run from CD - so, play in your office spare time


  • High fat burn rate
  • More visits from friends than you assume
  • you'll propaly start dancing when there's music


So, did I get your attention, finally? Then hurry off and ORDER HERE!