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« Reply #15 on: 2013-Sep-06 »
No battle system yet, but this took some major work. It should *now* work on ANY resolution by default and allow for scaling, even on standard resolution TVs, tiny laptops, or gigantic TVs.

Added FULL controller customization support. All game controllers and up to 12 buttons on each controller can be set as in game controls. D-Pads and analog sticks are fully functional. You can also choose keyboard keys as game controls, so player 1 could be on a keyboard while player 2 plays on a game controller. Or both can play on keyboard... or both on controllers! It was tough to make a controller customization module that can read the selected input at run time.

At first run, you'll be prompted to adjust the screen and set up controllers - all settings are saved and it will not have to be repeated. Since the screen size is important for reading, you must do that first. Use the default controls to adjust the screen: arrow keys up/down to adjust the size, X to confirm. Then you pick controls for the game.

If someone could try this on a game controller and report the details I'd appreciate it. I can only test it on my PS2 controllers that I have an adapter for. It technically should work with any game controller that works in GLB.

In-game you can press Start to open the menu, and fiddle around with items / equipment. Game fits on a couple floppy disks so far :P
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Re: Darmakwolf returns! with.......................
« Reply #16 on: 2013-Sep-06 »
Welcome back Darmakwolf!

...and you have tricks up your sleeves uh? Really great!
Keep us informed, it looks and sound like a great project.

I will check it out.

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Kodai no Chikara Update!
« Reply #17 on: 2013-Sep-27 »
Hello again! There is no demo of my new additions until the battle system is finished. I've made great progress, however!
See attached screenshots. I now have:

Working ATB (Active Time Battle) system.
Animated battlers / map characters
Dynamic battle backgrounds
Enemy groups / Random encounters
Sounds for each individual enemy!
Fixed input. All controllers are now mappable for 1 or 2 players.
Message system finished

It's coming along nicely. Soon we'll have GLBasic's first Final Fantasy styled RPG!  :good:

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Re: Darmakwolf returns! with.......................
« Reply #18 on: 2013-Oct-07 »
Just finished adding FMOD support for chiptunes in-game!

Kodai no Chikara (Hidden Power) version 0.31b by Darmakwolf

How to play:
* It's a beta - you can't do much.

Use arrow keys to move on the map or through men us
Use X key for accept, Z key for cancel
ENTER key = inventory/start/pause

You can:
equip characters (go to EQUIP in menu. Use left/right to equip other characters.)
use items.
walk around. (No other rooms besides test map atm, i'm working more on core systems than designing atm.)
get into battles. You can kill all the enemies, but they will not fight back, nor can you "win" - simply use the RUN command when they all die. Victory / EXP gain screen is next to be developed!

Note: All music is decoded at run-time and is in module chip-tune form. I could probably have 500 music tracks and keep my game under 20MB :D

edit: pro tip: equip Red Hat and Valmanwei to test being an ultra bad@ss.
Use BACKSPACE key on the map to test switching map sprite characters.  :good: