Another newbie question - how to compile for Android?

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It seems different win versions and java sdk installs behave differently, maybe android sdks too?

I run win7 68bit N. I did not get these line of  troubles but I got others, it was just a bunch of work to figure it out (thanks to our fellas here :nw:) and now it all goes fine, and I can reproduce it on systems running same win version and java sdk procedures.

It is really nice it works out now SFguy!
Do you have your app going on your phone fine?


Thanks for your help, erico, and for the others who posted here, I've got the app going on my Samsung phone.  It is really good seeing it work on my phone because I was almost losing hope and thinking that I should develop instead on Corona SDK as the Corona SDK website gave an example that ran perfectly on my phone the first time around! :D

At least I can now rest assured that I can continue developing this program without the fear that it will not port well to mobile.  However, I still need to learn how to tailor the game to the screen resolution of the mobile (which seems problematic from what you have written on this forum), but I think I'll work more on the game first.


Good to hear SFguy! congrats! :good:

I was really glad I got stuff going on my phone too, a samsung model.

One thing, it is important to post how you did it, so future/current users on the forum can find such solution by searching around.
Also, it is even more important so GLB devs can check it out too...may make it easier for all in the future.

Corona is fine, and you will notice people post about a lot of other dev tools that are nice too.
It all really depends on your needs.

Edit: you did state how you got it solved..sorry, my bad. :-[