LD 48h game programming competition - WIN Android Tablet!

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Oh, Hark0 you might still be able to enter the game in the Jam, if you give yourself an extra 24 hours. Also, do you really need sleep for work?  :-[

First screenshot of my game so far:-

All graphics are placeholders. Up top is your specimen collection (currently empty). If you zoom the game will increase zooming into the pixel until the entire screen is the colour of the pixel (<- this is working already). After that I want a little world coloured the same hue as your pixel to emerge (yet to do). Shouldn't be too hard - simple tile driven stuff.


This is my project...

Imagine a cristall ball with lateral scroll (simulating rotation)...

I'm goto a Anniversary party of a familiar... maybe if have time I terminate...

Thanks for the support!
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Ian Price

Wampus - did you take the picture of the tiger today? If not, I'm not sure if that will be allowed. I may be wrong but I don't think you can use assets created by someone else or that were created prior to the competition.

May need to look into this.
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I'm only using the image as a placeholder. The game will use any picture of 800x480 so I will draw some amazing piece of art later (or generate it somehow).


I don't know how your game works yet Hark0 but it looks like it will be fun.

Ian Price

QuoteI'm only using the image as a placeholder.
That's good - don't want a GLB user to be disqualified :)
I came. I saw. I played.


Going to take a walk, a nap and generally relax a bit. Spent time making some weird animation for when you zoom deep into a pixel, ending in entering a pixel universe within the pixel and eventually zooming into a planet. Screenshot:-

Just occurred to me it is strange nowadays to do something like that in 2D when 3D is so easy. Oh well, that'll learn me.

Ian Price

Cool idea - reminds me of the beginning of a Simpsons episode.

My game is playing nicely, but is just too limited at the moment. Not sure I want to take it much further TBH. I have only spent a couple of hours on it in total.

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I came. I saw. I played.


Just started to use GLBasic for the completion today. Been meaning to get my hands wet with it for a while now due to good reviews and thought this would be a great opportunity. Liking it so far, feels very much like Blitz which I'm very much at home with, although I'm pretty much learning on the fly atm :)

Heres the screen shot of my progress so far. Having a go at making a god/defence type of game but as usual I think I may of bitten off more than I can chew. We'll see how that pans out.

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I've started to make a game for the completion today.
It's a simple 3d Maze.

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Here a screenshot about the current state of my game.

Graphically is intendeed to be similar to Limbo, thought game play is more similar to Portal and Pang xD Hope all goes fine today but Im sure I will submit it for jam because Im so slow.

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Wow!!!  :blink:

Looks really nice! I love LIMBO!
I don't know if I will finish my game  :noggin:

Kitty Hello

I didnt post here. Sorry. But I started. Will be in chat tonight, again. (CET)