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I told myself never to post in an apple "good or evil" thread again, but I can´t....  u always provoke that trucidare. :)
I think the world would be safer, if all software would be signed by anyone. Maybe Microsoft should sign all software running on windows. It´s a thin line. I personally think, that the security argument it´s what they want you to believe. It´s as always about the lock-in-effect, stay in controle. Making money with all the apps sold (that is not evil!). No signing with android. And it didn´t became a Sodom und Gomorrha because of that.
I am not one of that apple haters I had and still have apple computers (sadly to old to compile for the iPhone), but my bell rings when I hear that kind of arguments. It is pretty clear reading the forums, the way u always whistle if something maybe bad about it is said, that u are a fan boy. So be sure I do not want to insult you in any way, I just think this is a serious off topic issue about technology and society, especially for programmers.

Looking forward for the worst app!

Ok, I have to go watching that new blueray I bought. - Oh no! It doesnt run on my 2000$ mutlimedia- mac.
(just kidding)


i want bluray in my mac too but its not there so i dont miss it. i like apple products because they works. i had enough windows pcs to say that and everytime i get one to repair or to reinstall i see its the best decision. i use windows too - everyday at work - runs since 3 years without problems or any kind of viruses.

in Android store are some "evil" apps that collect personal informations and send them to servers around the world. i´m not a fan of apple but i think apple does the right thing. app signing is important for platforms with these mass on apps like the appstore. the thing i dont understand is why muhc people say that signing is stupid or whatever. nobody shouts about the self signing apps on playstation network that must be developed with special sony hardware, with special sony software and special sony cables and must be send to sony to get signed.

i will pay 99$ / year for ihone developer program and do signing on my mac as buy a developer kit for 10.000$ like sony or nintendo ones. so before a new post comes with this is different to iphone situation. no its not. the idea is the same and if you want or not all games and apps for consoles are signed. much more signed as a iphone app.

@ kitty:
the gcc codesign and the app architecture does not allow a valid codesign after compiling the app.

@ topic:
you search the worst app and laugh about apps that are approved to sale in appstore - but shout if apple reject yours because its useless or does not match the guideline?
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I blame Apple for not hiring more people to review apps in less time.

And the "competition" was not to blame Apple but to have fun together in this forum.

I blame Apple for wining so much money and not giving me a little million dollar. ;)


Everyone is self-interested, therefore everything done which acts against them - in ANY way - is irritating.

Just now there is concentration on airprot security. Some want to relax security which hampers and irritates legitimate good-guy passengers, while the current security scare on cargo suggest that LOWERING security anywhere would not be a good idea.

It's all about balance, but whenever someone is inconvenienced they will not LIKE it - that inconvenience should, ideally, be aimed only at the people that we need protecting from. Absurd, impossible, but a very natural and (kinda) reasonable attitude IMHO. That doesn't make people anti-Apple, or anti-air companies, or anti-anyone except for anti-inconvenience. There's usually - always? - a way that the inconvenience could be reduced... but that doesn't mean that it will be considered financially practical (Apple keep their costs lower by not employing more people to review Apps, for example). People's natural inclination when they don't like something is to say so :) but that doesn't mean they are "haters" :)

Oh, how nice would it be to have a world where we didn't need any "security measures"? :D