Author Topic: Small request - Maximize the editor space!  (Read 1881 times)

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In the IDE are presents two toolbars but the view menu can hide only the main toolbar.
If I close the Debugger toolbar (drag it and click on close button) is impossible to show again it (I need to close editor and reopen).

Can you save the 'view' settings on disk to restore it when reopen editor ?

I would also use a netbook as editor but the resolution is only 1024x600 pixels and I would optimise the space for editing but every time I start editor si necessary to close the Toolbar, output window, etc. (it is not a serious problem  :) ).

Can be handy even a key (as F11 in some application) to maximize the window and remove the window title bar and borders to gaining space.


Another feature that I find convenient in various editors is the possibility of closing a window by clicking the middle mouse button (wheel) directly on the Tab  :-[ (ok.... I can use Ctrl+F4.....   :whistle:)

Thanks  :good: