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Just a word to the wise, the Steam "Updates History" and the "Recent Updates" for Godot need updating. I think Android support could be an important addition for possible buyers. Also keeping "Updates History" updated should be a priority as it's the first place buyers look when buying software to see if the app is dead or not.

I don't mind lending a hand if need be.

BTW there are a few English grammar mistakes in the current Steam ad too.


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please note:

Android 5.X and below is not supported for Android Studio version of glbasic. The app can run, but you can run into issues. Etc PNG, JPG and SOUND is not working for those platforms. This is property due change of a newer compiler. Im have not seen issues with Android 6 throught, but if you see glbasic bugs in those Android versions, submit them :-).

API 23 is required.
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