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Chat GPT knows GLBasic

Just give it a try. It created a program to display a starfield without any trouble.

New Commands

The new version (beta) now has the commands FONT2MEM and MEM2FONT, that allow access on the internal font data.

Current Logfile

New window

Autocomplete for TYPEs

The version V16.252 finally offers auto-complete for TYPE members. DDgui was polished and the mouse wheel now works within individual widgets (lists, texts, ...). You can get the version on STEAM.


V16 has lots of improvements. The version can currently be installed, using the STEAM. A version on this site will follow, soon.
  • TTF fonts can be directly embedded: LOADFONT "Arial.ttf", 0
  • REQUIRE can load cpp files directly from the folder of the .gbas files
  • The C++ compiler was renewed and offers lots more possibilities for linking new libraries
  • Windows x64 programs can be created.

TTF - True Type Fonts

Starting with version 15.238 there is a library in the forums, that can render true type fonts in rel time. This way you can dynamically change the font size or the colour. See the post in the forum:

GLBasic SDK V15 Release

The new GLBasic SDK v15 codename "Unicorn" (unicorns sell!) is now available.
Along numerous improvements, this version features better debugging support. It offers you to peek into ALIAS as well as FOREACH variables.
Moreover, the debugger can now inspect TYPE variables, and arrays of TYPES and nested TYPES. You will love it.

V14 update - Oct 2016

The new update solves some problems and introduces support for IPv6 in the network commands (see SOCK_SET_IP_VERSION. The libPNG was updated to satisfy the Google-Play store requirements. libJPG can now load images from a SHOEBOX file.

V14 Release - Aug 2015

The new version of GLBasic is ready and is awaiting with a new concept. The setup only contains the platform Win32, now. But other platforms can be installed as plugins. Thus, it's possible to ass new platforms as 3rd party. The GLBasic source code is available now. As a great innovation of v14 is the PRESCALER - a possibility to port code for handhelds with a fixed resolution to higher resolution devices with little effort. And finally, the debugging of TYPEs was improved. As a bonus, v12 got a last web update.

V12 Release - Jan 2014

After more than one year of development time, the GLBasic SDK V12 is ready and released. The main improvements are a HTML5 port and a native GUI library that can either use Windows or Gtk as a backend. Of course the version contains changes to work perfectly together with the latest iOS and Android versions.

G.A.C.K. - Game App Construction Kit
Create games right on the pad? Here you go.

Caanoo support - Sep 2011
GLBasic now supports the GPH Caanoo. Please download a new setup, the live-update won't be enough.

iCade®, iControlPad®, Atari® Arcade – Duo™

Starting with the update version 10.113, GLBasic supports these 3 devices. They are accessed as if they were a 2nd joystick plugged into the device.
In case you don't know what I'm talking about, briefly take a look at the super-retro iCade or a portable solution: The iControlPad.

GLBasic Version 10

GLBasic got a new icon!
Joking aside: The new version 10 can now create create Apps for Android. Apps for OpenPandora are packed automatically into a .pnd archive.
Additionally, final packages are built that can be distributed quickly without any further work. Version number, project name, App-icon - it's all tied completely into the distribution package across all platforms. Icons can have transparency information, are scaled with a high quality bi-cubic method and work on Mac OSX, now.
The precompiler was armed with a 2-pass system that allows using external TYPEs without any forward declarations. External libraries can thus implemented even easier and allow efficient work for large projects.
Loading JPG files is now supported on all platforms.
Using the new command SETORIENTATION, GLBasic can rotate the display in any 90° angles. The input and output is tilted internally so the programmer does not have to take any care of this anymore.
If nothing else, GLBasic has passed a very long beta state cycle, one that solved many smaller issues in the core engine. Reading the relevant forum threads, you will notice that this version is a very robust release indeed. GLBasic V10 is a very special version and we're proud to be able to offer this update free of charge for all our existing customers.

Crossover / Mac

GLBasic now runs on Crossover on a Mac OS-X: Read here to see how to set it up.

GLBasic SDK V9 is here

The new release version GLBasic SDK V9 is now available via the download. The most markable new feature is the Palm WebOS device support (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi). Thus, GLBasic now supports additionally to the iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) the second major mobile platform with an App Store. The advantage of the Palm App Catalog is, that the costs for submitting your App are extremely low and offers a great and fair way for beginners to finally gain real money from their work.
Beside numerous new features, the V9 release also fixes the known small issues and provide a very solid base for future development.

Palm Pre - my impression
The Palm Pre is available for quite some time now and it was now that I took notice. That was surely a big mistake that I want to recompense now. I got me a device, played a bit and am very happy with it. The user interface is expectedly fluid and fast. In the contrary to the iPhone, the system is much more open and allows all the stuff you know from Cydia (Jailbreak) on iOS devices, without any modifications. The App Catalog is not as crammed as you are used from the iPhone, but that's for certain a great chance for GLBasic developers to be found.
Porting went along very quickly, since Palm already ported the complete SDL package. The shipped Windows compilers are delicious. You can directly install, debug and upload the very same program to the App Catalog. No annoying certification work to do. Only slight downer: A Java runtime must be installed.
The new GLBasic SDK will be released soon. Updates are, as always, free of charge.

GLBasic V8 - ServicePack Oct10

OK, there's a new update on the menu item "?/Internet-Update". It solvevs some precompiler issues as well as it contains sone nice new features our users begged for. I.e. variable font kerning widths will gain wide acceptance. Users of the OpenPandora platform cheer - OpenGL|ES is supported now. The next updates will, assuming there will be no bigger bugs, take some time now. The reasin is, that we plan some big enhancements about which no promises can be made, yet.

GLBasic SDK V8 Release

It was a long way but finally it's there! GLBasic version 8 offers a lot of the wishes from our users with a huge update. Here's the most important features:
  • GLBasic is now free for non-commercial Projects of the platforms: Windows, Linux und Mac (2D und console). If premium services are used, the running app switches into the 5 minute demo mode.
  • funktions within types
  • iPhone / iPad support
  • iOS4 multitasking support
  • 128 bit encryption
  • Direct access to image pixels. Loading from memory
  • Supports Open Pandora platform
  • Supports netbooks with Windows CE. Runs also on navigation devices.
  • Precompiler is seperated from the IDE. You could use an external editor now
Further features can be seen in the current log file.

Dr. Shiver - the Family Game for the iPhone
Our new game for the iPhone, is now available for iPad, too at your local App Store. More...

Online User Manual

The user manual is now visible online, too. You can find the link on the left site in the "Support" section.

iPhone license panic

Since Apple's new license agreement for the OS 3.3.1 development an unexpected panic rose about the legality of development tools for iPhone programming. We want to give an official statement about this problem now.
GLBasic is written in objC and C++ code. This code is getting compiled on a Mac with XCode to a static library. Afterwards this library is copied back to the PC and gets implemented into the GLBasic setup or the live-updates.
When compiling for the iPhone, the GLBasic program code is translated into C++ code and must be copied to the Mac and compiled, linked and code signed with XCode, later. That is the regular way every iPhone programmer has to take.
In the end, there's no difference between GLBasic programmers and other studios except for the origin of their C++ files. One writes them manually and one has them translated from GLBasic code.
Indeed Apple can never tell where the code comes from, but still we will ensure that we go 100% conform with Apple's license agreements. We thank Apple for the iPhone, XCode, Mac, OS-X and the App Store and thus act fair and loyal.

Where is the cheese that does not stink?
Another new game in the Apple iPhone App Store.
You can find more games written in GLBasic for the iPhone right here. The list grows weekly. I really want to encourage all to dare step into the iPhone AppStore adventure. It really pays back.

New iPhone game: GooseBumpsters
The game GooseBumpsters is available in the App Store now. /a

Programming competition: Board games sponsors a new competition with the motto board games. More information can be found here.
The games are now online.

Wumbo's Adventure for iPhone
The game Wumbo's Adventure is available in the App Store now. We are currently working on a level editor and a LITE version.

GLBasic version 7 - compile for the iPhone
The version 7 is now released and can be downloaded. In the project options you have some additional fields so you can fill out all the required settings for the iPhone project. If you want to test your code on a real iPhone or iPod Touch, you need to join the Apple Developer program for 99$/year plus a computer running Mac OSX. Uncle has submitted an excellent video how to create a program for the iPhone or iPod Touch devices. With the new version 7 you can now create programs for the iPhone with GLBasic. Finally you have a BASIC programming language for the iPhone.
go YouTube

Our first program can be seen here:
ScribbleMP. It's a multiplayer drawing program for iPhone and iPod Touch. The program will be available in the AppStore soon.

Online Help

MrTAToad has built an online command reference for GLBasic:

GLBasic for iPhone. Apple-polishing Apple...

It's done. Our iPhone compiler runs stable and everything would be OK, if there wasn't the line "You agree not to install, use or run the SDK on any non-Apple-branded computer", which disallows us to redistribute the required libraries for the compiler. I hope that my email to Apple will allow me this, though. If not, for the very first time GLBasic will provide a program instead of a compiler that builds an XCode project for you which you must compile on an Apple computer, then in order to get your iPhone App.

GPS for Windows Mobile devices

In the Showroom there's a new example how to poll a GPS device on Windows Mobile to get the position and current speed.
Furthermore there's a press section on the website now that will feature a few press releases every now and then covering GLBasic specific information.

Network Commands

With the current update GLBasic has gained socket commands to be able to play in the top league of network capable programming languages. Furhter, the NET... commands are finally finished, tested and found to be fast and stable.

S.E.U.C.K. - Shoot Em Up Contruction Kit

I've written a remake of SEUCK (C64 version). You can see the "game" here:
SEUCK Update: SEUCK supports "Jump&Run" games now, too.Run

Extended Showroom by Share-It Shop

For convenience, I added a Share-It information to the showroom. That way you can easily sell the full version if you only want to present a demo in the showroom. Before you actually do this, please ask people here about how much they think the game is worth, before you create a share-it product. Also, include some easy method in your game, so the user can handle the "generated" key will send them after buying. Usually a simple "keyword" for games in the range of 5-10$ should suffice.

GP2X Competition Results

The competition is over, more here.

WiiMote - Nintendo's "Wii Remote" Controller (apr-2008)

PeeJay's Tutorial
Threre is a new tutorial from PeeJay that puts you from zero to the basics of game programming:

Inline OpenGL

Right! GLBasic can now use OpenGL commands with native GLBasic functions: Download here ... or wait for the next update.

Header Files for INLINE

If you're using INLINE, you should install these header files additionally, so you don't have to forward declare everything: Download

Desktop Wallpaper
While the last work for the new design is getting done and the CD covers are being prepared, you can download a desktop wallpaper in the mean time: Download

3D Tutorial

3D in GLBasic? It's just this simple!

GLSL - GL Shading Language

With the current version GLBasic reaches another milestone in its history. GLBasic is now capable of performing GLSL shaders. Thus, you can now use pixel shaders as well as vertex shaders and use future technology already today. Get more info on GLSL

Tutorial Video
Here a short tutorial video that creates a complete game (even though it's a very stupid one).