Author Topic: 3d shakey at range  (Read 2385 times)

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3d shakey at range
« on: 2009-Dec-01 »
3d starts shaking after you go further than 32000 in xyz from the center of the world(0,0,0)


as go further, the shaking oscillates progressively faster proportionally.

at around 32000 the shaking starts(about 1 pixel across screen), and at 100000+ the shaking is about 3 or 4 pixels oscilation across the whole 3d screen.

I dont know if this is a GLBasic bug, or an OpenGL common issue.
Either way, at this point it is something to be careful of, not to stretch too far.

I found this issue by trying to represent a position as 1 foot, and create a rather large world...time for some scaling.
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Re: 3d shakey at range
« Reply #1 on: 2009-Dec-01 »
might be a problem, because internally OpenGL uses 32 bit floats.