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I have been a bit disconnected from GLBasic for the last 5-6 years, so excuse me if my question seems stupid.

What is HTML5 exactly? Perhaps the name "hmtl" confuses me... HMLT, as far as I know, is the language in which the web pages are done, and its like a ascii text with a .htm at the end.

My problem is that I need to do a little utility to be run in a web page (if you are interested, some thing like this: or and I wonder if it could be done in GLBasic html5 compiler. It has to run in iOS (safari...), Android (chrome?) and desktop.

I can do most of the programming, but I want to know if it can be done before wasting my time trying to program something that can not be done. (I have another questions, like ftp upload and image file requester, but this would be for later).

Announcements / Re: GLOWING SKY
« on: 2013-Jun-12 »
In webos currently, 97555 free downloads, 1379 paid, 1.40% free/paid.

My lasy HP payment was Nov 2012.

Some one knows were to email asking for my money? :D I have checked and I have paid downloads on WebOS Store :D

Announcements / Re: GLOWING SKY
« on: 2013-Jun-12 »
Today I have checked my Android stats, and they are funny:

133.000 downloads of Glowing Sky free, around 800 paid, average per month Google pays me 20€.

WebOS has not payed me for a long time... I think 0€ in 2013...

Announcements / Re: GLOWING SKY
« on: 2012-Sep-19 »
Long time since my last report

iOS: 3910 free - 631 full (5-sept full was set as free, and jas been downloaded 479 times, so it was only 152 sales). 4'4% sales ratio.

WebOS: 82000 free & 1231 sales, 1'5% sales ratio

Android: 49292/8088 free & 238/91 sales. 0'48% sales ratio.

Im sorry, but I can not understand Gernot post about POST queries.

How did you get the JSON text?

Code: GLBasic [Select]
{"Key":"NextLevel","Value":7,"ReplaceElement":false},{"Key":"PointsToNextLevel","Value":"1 points
{"Key":"Avatar","Value":"\u003cimg src=\"\" alt=\"\" /\u003e","ReplaceElement":false},
{"Key":"NamePlate","Value":"\u003cimg src=\"
PlaneswalkerPoints/LevelNames_4_en_US.png\" alt=\"\" /\u003e"
\n    \u003cdiv class=\"HistoryPanelRow

I would love a program that gives me this JSON file/text

Moru, thanks for your response, but this url returns an error on firefox, and in NETWEBGET$ I get this:

Code: GLBasic [Select]
<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>
<h2>Object moved to <a href="/Magic/PlaneswalkerPoints/Error">here</a>.</h2>

as I dont know how you get thi url, I dont know if it has changed...

I am using

Code: GLBasic [Select]

It read your local language. On the bottom right you can change language.

GLBasic - en / Need help reading a web value
« on: 2012-Sep-13 »
Hi! I need a bit help, if this can be done.

If you are used to Magic TG, you got a DCI ID. With this ID you can earn points playing Magic. To see your DCI points you enter at

And enter your dci id

So the page shows the points of player 2300205446. This info is not private but public.

I need a function


Where score is the seasonal score in this previous page. Anyone?

No, I am not going to renew it, as I plan no to release anything new, and my beneficts are around 10$/month.

Just to announce that all my games for iOS are free during september, as my Apple's license expire in October.

Have fun!

(just search 'diniplay' in AppStore)


Click there ^ from your iOS device to check all my apps there.

Off Topic / Game of Phones
« on: 2012-Jun-21 »

GLBasic - en / Re: proportional input
« on: 2012-Jun-07 »
LOL, it was requested by me long time ago and implemented by Gernot. Just use the same syntax as print for proportional input. Isn't it on the help file?

GLBasic - en / Re: proportional input
« on: 2012-Jun-07 »
Yes, the same syntax that print.

GLBasic - es / Re: van las inapp purchases?
« on: 2012-Jun-07 »
Sí que funcionan, y hasta detecta in-app purchases crackeaos.

El hilo el que hay en snippets y es mío.

« on: 2012-May-25 »
I want this for Android and/or WebOS... I have not a iPad  :zzz:

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