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Sprite Speed Tester

Sprite Speed Tester

I wanted to see how well GLBasic could plot 1000 rotating and scaling sprites - hence this program.

Whilst not a good indicator of how well GLBasic can do everything, it shows how efficient 2D stuff seems to be done.

I've compared it (using my Vista x64 machine) to a certain other programming language and GLBasic is around 29% faster (55FPS V 16FPS)

Windows, Mac and Linux executable programs included, along with the source code - although I haven't seen what the results are like on the latter two machines. It would also be interesting to see what the results on an iPhone would be.

Mac results : On my Intel Mac with an X1600 card, the results fluctuate quite a bit - between 22 to around 44 - the lower value used when there are a lot of large sprites being displayed.

   spritespeedtester.rar - 4.14MB
   Nicholas Kingsley


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