Binary Land

Binary Land

This game is a remake of a NES game called Binary Land. The original was made by Hudson Soft in 1985.

In this game you play a penguin. Actually you play two penguins - at the same time, no less. All the levels are split in two, and at the beginning of a level you start off with a penguin on each side of the screen. They can more freely from one half to the other though. Ultimately the objective is to guide both penguins to the top of the screen and have them meet up at the heart-cage, but the game has a very interresting play-mechanic where only one of the penguins are controlled "directly" - the other penguins left/right movement is reversed, and combined with the mazes not being symetrical, this gives the game a bit of a puzzle twist and of course you also have to deal with enemies and powerups on top of trying to guide your penguins safely to the exit.

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