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GLBasic Showroom


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Mars Explorer

marsexplorermini.jpgA simple two stage parallax side-scrolling 2D retro game inspired by Moon Patrol. Contains FULL SOURCE CODE and the executable for Windows desktop. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete ready to publish game. It is a complete example of how to program a game in GLBasic. As such it contains two stages which is all that is needed to show how to handle the player completing one stage and proceeding to the next. You can easily add new stages in the Tiled map editor and update the program accordingly to allo ...


3d object.ddd building tool. Convert images into 3d objects. The object doesn't need a texture, the vertices are colored to match the image. Black pixels are not built. Image2Objectmini.jpg

AGOSA 1.9 - 3d Object.ddd Analizer

agosa1.9mini.pngAGOSA is a .ddd 3d object viewer. With special effects available through GLBasic: textures, lighting, cellshade, bumpmap. Also it includes geometry views, like edge detect, surface, color vector normals.


The classic. Enter to return to the menu, left mousebutton to reveal a field, right mousebutton to flag it. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels are implemented, no custom fields... Update: -Fixed a bug, where the game would crash when you click a field, hold it, drag your mouse away from the gamewindow and release it.minesweepermini.gif

Pseudo 3D Test

pseudo3dtestmini.jpgIm unable to continue with this pseudo 3D system (as I got tired of it, and I moved onto other games). Press RETURN to start the program


A simple tool to convert GLbasics DDD files to DDA files. View the readme for instructions on how to use it.ddaexportmini.png

Mandelbrot Speed Test

mandelbrotspeedtestmini.pngOriginally on an older version of the GLBasic side, I uploaded it (again) as it may be of interest

3d druck

clash of clan könig3ddruckmini.jpg


Pseudo 3D

This is a conversion of codeIncomplete's Pseudo 3D racing game code - converting from the Javascript was a pain, and there is a problem with this on hills and slopes. I have no idea how to fix it - I think it's caused for some reason during the coordinate calculation routine. pseudo3dmini.png


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