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GLBasic SDK - Version 14

GLBasic SDK, current version 14
Free use: Create apps for non commercial 2D programs running on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
The extension to create programs for other platforms, 3D or network applications requires a license key. Otherwise the "Premium" programs are limited to 10 min runtime for test purposes. There is no trial limit for the development environment.
Download Now! (~55MB)


In order to install other compilers, please download the desired products using the link and unpack the files to "Program Files (x86)GLBasic v14Compilerplatform". The platforms are also featured to compile the GLBasic source code, each.

Tutorial Video

Here a short tutorial video (V6) that creates a complete game (even though it's a very primitive one). Attention: The SPRITE command is now called DRAWSPRITE.

Find more videos :YouTube


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