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Indie publishing articles
« on: 2013-Oct-13 »
I know I know, another article....we have seen millions of those already.
Here, there are about 50 articles condensed. Hey, it is easier to condense spread articles then come up with one :P all in hope to make it to the headlines of journalism? ;)

I like it and take it as an useful bookmark page:

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Re: Indie publishing articles
« Reply #1 on: 2013-Oct-13 »
HI Erico thanks a lot, I think this it's the most important part, than you make a great Game, I ear sometime, you do awesome game but if you don't move it, it's equal don't make nothing... Really like comment Ian the worst part it's the burocratic but if we don't are enterprise, we have to do...

For me this it's very interesting, perhaps a nice part in the forum will be open a thread for speak or put ideas , or strategies for sell our games in countries, or in a international level, or people can give us his experience with app they sold...

I don't know if this can be a nice thread but how we know this part it's practically the 100% of economics of the project.