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Re: Translation Help
« Reply #15 on: 2013-Feb-20 »
Just to mention, Atari have prove to been pretty aggressive to send copy infrigement against games that use copyrighthed words as well clones, even this one got pulled:

So if you want to been save, dont use the word "Breakout", which is trademarked by Atari :-P.

Otherwice good luck with your game, and hope you got fixed and reduced the memory usage of your game.

Ps. "Breakout" could eventuelly turn to "ball & paddle".
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Re: Translation Help
« Reply #16 on: 2013-Feb-20 »
You could use "Brickout" :D

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Re: Translation Help
« Reply #17 on: 2013-Feb-22 »
I have some fixes for the Spanish traslation:

Brick Buster es una nueva versión del clásico Breakout para móviles.
Toca la pantalla para mover la pala y desvía la pelota para destruir los ladrillos.
Consigue más puntos si le das a la mariposa que aparece entre las fases.
Destruye los ladrillos más rápido cuando consigas 2 o 3 pelotas!!
Reta a tus amigos a ver quien consigue la puntuación más alta.
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Re: Translation Help
« Reply #18 on: 2013-Feb-22 »
hardyx thanks for the translation once again.

backslider thanks for the suggestion.

spacefractal I will have to have two versions one for iOS generation 4 and up and one for generation 3 and below.
I will still be using my re-size tool, I spend a lot of time to get it working write and it helps me reduce the  management of my applications.
One question, I know I can load an image in memory , than resize it, than use GRABSPRITE and then use SAVEPRITE to save the resized image to a file, I will do this process once when the game is first loaded I can save the images with the right resolution for the devices reducing the file sizes.
The ideal situation would be to have a GLBasic command that would be like SAVESPRITE "filename$", W%, H%
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