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The funniest thing is we have 12 replies here, all stating that we don't use facebook. And yet they state they have millions of users. Interesting.


It usually attracts young people that just about learned on computers.
I take most of us here came from the 8bit era (30years old and on) and such as facebook adds nothing to us to start with (IMHO of course).


We should all use facebook to promote our products, to not do so and justifying it by saying you don't use it personally really is head-in-the-sand territory. It makes an ideal platform to offer support, provide dev news, teasers and promo codes to a loyal fan base. Not forgetting each person who adds your page is broadcasting it to their circle of friends freely for you :)

Or am I missing the point here ?
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You are right, but add that a bunch of people complaining without much reason and also possibly bad propaganda as well as the good one. My point was that it adds work, for good or for bad.

But I agree, should everyone of us have a FB about our stuff that means we are able to check/help on ourselves and probably cancel troll stuff, but it is more work going ;)


You can't dislike FB. You "unlike" it.  :D =D