Author Topic: Genius Greedy Mouse Released!  (Read 50501 times)

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Re: Genius Greedy Mouse Released!
« Reply #135 on: 2014-Jul-07 »
Good PR for Greedy Mouse...
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Re: Genius Greedy Mouse Released!
« Reply #136 on: 2014-Jul-07 »
They asked for promocodes for Greedy Mouse. Im gave them some promo codes as they asked for, and when its a content, im also gave them some Karma Miwa too. You need to ask for those promo codes by a email, which im did.

Also v3.0 is on the way, which contain over 50 new maze themed levels with relaxed gameplay in mind, rather than puzzles. Its was original plan im would release it as a own game, but instead im include those levels to Genius Greedy Mouse instead as a free bonus (they was fun to make). Im do removed the maze bonus area from the main village due this (bonus area 3).
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