Not big on Zombie games but thought this was rather clever.

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Mat. 5: 14 - 16

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I followed their funding on This is quit genius. As a huge zombie-fan-boy with the potential to carry around some pounds less, this is made for me. Jogging is that boring for hyperactives anyway. I will give it a try.


Quote from: Ocean on 2011-Nov-28
that writer looks like she should take a bit of her own medicine!
lol i thought the same myself
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Hey, is this company trying to trick me into exercising?
It's going to take REAL zombies for that!   :D >:D
The graphics are so vivid and life-like!

It'd be cool if it knew when you passed other people running the game and adapted the dialog somehow!
("quickly turn around and grab the girl you just passed . . . ") ha, would add a whole new element! (and lawsuits!)
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If it works how the video makes it look like it works, that is amazing. I love the idea! Its sort of like a single player live action role play game.

I like computer enhanced fitness games and this looks like the best idea for one I've seen yet. The potential is huge.

Even if the software is beautifully crafted I see a couple of difficulties getting it to sell: 1) People with little imagination will think it sucks, 2) People would actually need to get some exercise to play it. That's 80% of the population out of the picture right there.