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Re: Introducin' Meself
« Reply #15 on: 2011-Sep-27 »
All those projects could do with being updated so that option doesn't need changing...

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Re: Introducin' Meself
« Reply #16 on: 2011-Sep-29 »
You can make thing very nice in GLbasic whit 3D, under Linux I don´t stay sure about his behavior, but in desktop computers... on Win runs very well.

About your skills don´t worry, I come from DB too, and don´t have nothing in common, Glbasic, it´s too much logic and efficient, in DBPro, you have to write a bunch of line codes for make the same whit only one line.

In example I in DbPro, I never know how modify a 3d Object by my self, here it´s really, really easy.

Don´t doubt, for me ,and I come from 3D, it´s a better solution, quick, easy and a very good price.

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Re: Introducin' Meself
« Reply #17 on: 2011-Oct-09 »
Wasn't Blitz your first GLB game Caff? Is it not finished? Any chance of seeing a pc version at some point?

Yes it's finished and it's on the Android market place. I posted in the Android Market thread.

I'm going to release the free PC version when I make my developer licence costs back. It might take some time. lol