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Kitty Hello

pays for the hardware then?

I think the Android numbers are downloads/current installs. So you have an idea of how many people would update to a new version.


The 55000 downloads post was lost, but today I can announce that I hit the 60.000 downloads mark on WebOS!

55000 in "normal" version and 5000 on Pixi one.

Woooohoooooo  :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc: :enc:

WebOS market averages 1.50% ratio between FREE vs PAID, while Android is 0.50% and iOS drop from 3% on 2011 to 2.11% in 2012.



Kitty Hello

if only those were sales...
Now - insert some "WAY COOL" feature with an in-app puchase. Unicorns. Pegasuses.


I am really tired... and after reading comments like "I hate the 10 secs start-screen delay", "I want more images to play with",... do they realize that it is a demo? Buy the full thing, you stupid!

Also in Dots-N-Lines there are comments like "It is cool, but only a few images to play!" (there is a button that says "buy the full version with 50 or 200 images")

Oh, and the best of all are the ones that says "it doesn't work, just crash after start". Do they thing I can read their minds? Why the hell dont they email me asking?


What you're expecting?
STUSERS (= stupid users) is the only real constant in a programmers life :)

Ian Price

I've come to the conclusion that the majority of users are total idiots. They expect you to know everything, give them everything and do it all for free.

They, in return, will either -

a) Not leave feedback
b) Leave negative feedback.
c) Complain that the app does not work
I came. I saw. I played.


Bloody true :P :rant:
Top Arcade Apps - Best game for mobiles and computers


I couldn`t agree more. Im opting out of the "free" versions of my games in future. Anything else I do I will just up to the market and forget about. If it makes money, fine, otherwise its just a case of making it for my own pleasure and hope someone enjoys playing it too (with the bonus that they`ll pay me £1 for that pleasure). I will, howvere respond to personal email feedback, such as, "It does xxx on my phone can you fix it please", but other than that they can GTH. I dont see why I should spend hours/weeks/months of my life stressing over something trying to get it right when yo just get nobbers that post a message saying "its crap", "what a waste of a download, wont load on my phone",etc. Tell me what phone you have, tell me what happens when you try and load it, tell me something helpfull instead of being an ignorant tosser.

Ian Price

I totally agree Min. :)
I came. I saw. I played.


GLOWING SKY has hit another milestone (at least for me):

Glowing Sky in WebOS market has reached 1000 sales, for a total of 524€ in a 10 months period (and 66300 downloads of the free version).

iOS has done 83 sales in the same period and 2600 free downloads, and Android, suprising me, 103 sales in 7 moths with 21000 downloads (3200 active installs).

Ratio Free vs Paid is 2.11% on iOS, 1.52% in WebOS and 0.52% in Android.


That is great news Ampos!

The iOS numbers are quite low compared to webOS, I wonder if in order to get things at least even we have to put something like 10 apps on the iOS store.

None the less this is all really great! Congratulations!


Great to hear Ampos. :)  :good:

Kitty Hello

Cool! So, it paid for your hardware already?


Translated he wrote: something....something...something.....made around 500, so can't complain.  :nw: