Chat evening?

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Kitty Hello

Since Truciday got a full time job now (Yay!  ...and also...  :'( ) we're thinking of a fixed day to have a chat evening. Would you want to join that, too?


Yes i would, no matter what day...

Ian Price

Could be a good idea, but due to working odd shifts and having a real life too, these things are nearly impossible for me. :(
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I think it would be really cool if the IRC channel was used more =) |

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Weekdays all good (ways to distract myself from work)


should have allowed 6 votes for those that can do any day :)

Im pretty much up for it any day with notice


Any day suits, I'll drop by if I am awake!  :bed:


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I work odd days, so never know when my next day off is,
if I'm awake and not at work, I'll be online to chat.
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Dave Perry?...LOL, this site is becoming Retro Remakes.  :D

I'd chose 'Thrusday' because I could really use one more day in the week.  ;)
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I chose everyday except Tuesday. I hate Tuesday, nothing good happens on that day. Since that's UK time, for us here in the US that would be 8:00 our time which is awesome.
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Monday, Friday AND Dave Perry!
I <3 DGArray's :D

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I preffer friday, for me is better.


I guess just about anytime is good for me since you are +5h time shifted.
Only weekends are harder.

Not that I would help much, but it´s fun nonetheless.


Which IRC Channel/Server would this be held on?
Owlcat has wise


Monday to Thursday are good for me, Fridays are always a possibility of being busy :)  ......mind you not very often  :P