Does anyone else find Incredibuild a bit flakey sometimes?

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Incredibuild seems to a bit flakey for me.  It doesn't always seem to select the correct files to skip even after I have made big changes in the code.  It can be really frustrating because sometime you fix a bug but still don't see the results because the file was skipped during compilation. 

Is it possible to...

1) Fix it so it works 100% of the time

or (which should be easier)

2) have a tick box in the IDE to force a full recompile.




I've found V8 beta Intellibuild to be much better than previous versions - its not building files that dont need to be re-compiled, nor is it not building files when it should...

Kitty Hello

The force can be uhm.. forced when you double-click the Debug mode. (Changing it will clear up incredibuild cache).
Hi Uncle, glad to see you're still alive!


I find if you are doing a multi-platform build, then choosing a different build in the project settings, it gets a little confused and does not do a complete recompile.

And yes, its good to see you back on the forums Uncle.  :)


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Looks like things will be sorted with v8 then :)  Thanks for the welcomes back.  Aye I've real life has taken me away from programming for a little while, but now I'm back at it and things are going well :)