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  While playing around with shadows and making the game run more efficient, I finally got around to updating GLbasic through a tiny weak unsecured wireless connection.  I played solitaire while I wait for the 8mb file to download.  Reminded me of the 90's...

Anyways, I decided to test things out.  I had recently added shadows, png with transparent background(not color), using some negative alpha to blend it.  So I did a little taskmanager check to see how it was going and noticed something odd.  No cpu usage. Or at least not on a scale large enough to register.

So I took this capture after moving around and achieving the heighest readout of cpu usage.  I got 1%.

In this capture, using build 7.203, I was floating in 9%-11%.  With active message drawing(very incomplete and slow code) it was about 20%.  I haven't tested this out on the new version because, well it was just junk code for plotting.

Anyways, score for the developers of GLB for achieving such a jump in performance!
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