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Gernot have you seem this...

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Just stumbled upon this - no demo or demos to download though....

I'm sure yours is better. =D

Kitty Hello:
Yes. It's 15L$, so...

You could sell yours for $14.99 then...

Have you seen the requirements?

Not only it is Windows only - it also requires managed DX9 and .Net framework.  :puke:
It S(E)UCKs.

long time since someone replies here, anyway

someone is calling Gernot i always take that personally  =D

has cost money, therefore it's vanished...

people are greedy, me to. collecting money for softs even if it's a good one is rare.
one would spend 50$ for beer but for a software?

i guess that's not quite fair, some take monthly fee's up to 5$ and more, but people hardly spend 5$ once for a nice little game or app.


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