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BrickBusterHD is Here!
« on: 2013-Feb-28 »
Hi GLBasic Community,

Another game powered by GLBasic is out!!!
I am happy to announce that my game BrickBusterHD is ready for sale at the Apple App Store!
This is my first game made with GLBasic, I originally made it for the WebOS, and I converted to GLB.

I had lots of challenges but after a lot of work and help from GLB community it is done! (Specially the people that helped with the translations)  :nw:
Some of the features are:
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Particles System
  • Universal screen re-size

This games can run on several mobile platforms because of the features above!

You can find more information here:
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XCode Version 7
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iPad Mini running  iOS 7.1
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