SETFONT undefined on Linux platform?

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I'm running the latest Steam version. But somehow I still had to install Linux platform manually. When I do and try to compile some code with SETFONT in it, I get this during the linking:

: undefined reference to `__GLBASIC__::SETFONT(int, double, int)'

What's up with that?


but SETFONT has 2 parameters (SETFONT num% [, scale # = 1]).
Why 3?   SETFONT(int, double, int)


I think SpaceFractal or Gernot might have added an optional extra flag for something? at some stage.
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I think it was added to go along with that scaling routine. So you can link both.


I do not think I am using this extra parameter, that's just what the linker throws back. Still unsure why this should crash for a Linux build, am I maybe using the wrong platform files? I could not find a Linux platform in the v16 directory.  O_O