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Only thing you have missed is scoring how far you came, when you died... other, pretty nice game.
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Yep, there are some numbers I could use to form  score and show stats, some of mind:
_total pixel traversed is about 18.000 (full game takes a fixed 10min. top duration).
_24 max final hull energy
_5 max extra jumps
_ amount of preserved/destroyed terrain
_ amount of jumps and jets made
_ longest jumps made
_number of alien bombs launched or detonated

Let´s say I preferred this more complex method here:    =D :D
Code (glbasic) Select

edit:and to spoil it all, this game features the infamous single-effect-line-game-ending that plagued many great games of the past(some didn´t even have an extra screen shot, how dare!?).
But you will have to get there to be specifically enlit... I haven´t made to it yet, but I´m close and it is possible (just did!!).

Ian Price

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Looks great so far Erico!  :good:

All the Alien references are great BTW!  ;) 


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Thanks! Go play it, tell me what you think. A 3 players bumping each other here could be deal no?
I also updated the first post with some of the subjects that took most of my time of the 6.5 days used.

Tell you what, the very best feeling I got from making this game had to come from the point where I created a bunch of pre-set generators that rendered a nicely balanced result in game pretty much on the first go out of my mind. That was probably luck though, but for me, to create a generator is harder than a designed thing since the former needs time and testing to achieve an statistic balance. (don´t know if I made sense).



I just watched your demo video and that looks really good.  :good:


Thanks Matchy, the thing is a real mess codewise but I learned a lot about what I wanted, the terrain array.


...a few weeks after coding, I can´t understand jack sh*t of what I did, but I made it fit pandora screen and added joy support.
Hopefully this should do to have the compo version playable on the pandora.

Here a zip.

Ian Price

Feedback sent via PM. It's not working properly :(
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Pandora, did virtual screen works? joy support on Pandora is keys, which im added for GameInput API (and hope they are correct).
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Ian Price

Quotedid virtual screen works?
Doesn't look like it

Quotejoy support on Pandora is keys
I'm not sure that worked. There appeared to be no keyboard/joystick control. What keys did you establish as replacements?
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The virtual screen I´m using is like this (no grabscreen):

SETSCREEN 480,432,0               (to set screen 0 for the final output 3x original size)
CREATESCREEN 1,100,232,160 (create screen/texture with the real resolution the game runs on)

I do the game on the screen 1 and before drawscreen, I do a:

ZOOMSPRITE 100,121,120,3,3

Responding to the feedback msg you sent me earlier, the reason nothing is showing on titles is probably related to a drawrect I was using to help position the screen.
From your screenshot, I see that the created screen 1 is showing but not scaled with zoomsprite, which is very strange since if I remove the zoomsprite command, nothing is shown on PC.

I used joystate command to read a joypad for the pandora expecting its pad and buttons to work with it.
Now as you clarified, I should be using the arrow keys, which is what I originally had, so I will just revert to that and it should work.

Do you happen to know which exact version 10 of GLB will work? I recall one version also worked with OSx and I have been hunting it for a while without success.
Thanks a lot for testing and reporting back.

I´d really wish those virtual screens would work fine as I rely a lot on them to save coding time and to make things less complex.
I recall a couple versions before the current one had some problem displaying the created screen on the caanoo, probably something similar to what it happening. Istead of zoomsprite, I´m using drawsprite to position it a bit to the right and that doesn´t work either, the original screen is displayed similar to the pandora, on the top left part of the screen and it won´t let me position it it doesn´t matter the x/y coordinates I use.

edit: sorry for the tea...I will make a special one for you if you happen to visit brazil. :)

edit2: another question, if the dpad are the arrow keys, what is used for the pandora joy buttons? other keys maybe?

edit3: maybe the problem is with usescreen.

Ian Price

Virtual screen is definitely working in GLB Version 10.057. That's what's on my desktop anyway (and V14.xx) - I use them both.

1 - I'd fly over specially for a good cup of tea... but my arms would likely get tired half way :D :P

2- I've never used the joypad commands on the Pandora, so I don't know off hand.

3 - I haven't investigated too much (and not at all recently due to lack of time). I just compile with a lower version for the Pandora and not worry about it.

No worries about testing. Just send any updates as you do them and I'll see what's what.
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Ok, thanks, but you don´t happen to know which key() the buttons (a/b/x/y) on the pandora respond to, do you?
As I´m going to use arrow keys for the dpad, it is best that the jump button is not up as with the keyboard but button A instead.

I will try that GLB version. Hopefully it is the one with the MAC virtual screen also working.

You could try to hop into some oceanic winds to easy up the deal :D
oh heck...I just had a flashback about pirates on the amiga...how one could hardly navigate north but south was always speedy. ;p

Ian Price

The buttons on Pandora are -

A - 199
Y - 201
X - 209
B - 207


START - 56

I came. I saw. I played.