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Hey guys I'm not sure if I put this soft here some time ago, but I think can be interesting for someone, really do interesting terrains and it's easy to use.

It's free for the standar version but you can export to obj , enough for use in GLbasic, and the max of thex it's 2048 I think, enough to for mobile devices...

Really the pro version not it's too much expensive.


Why is this in the feature request section, isnt it already compatible using .obj output?
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Sorry Hemlos I think today I put another post in the Wrong Place (sorry Ian), I always see the 3D part of the forum and I confused with put something about 3D for Glbasic... really sorry for the distrub Hemlos and obviusly Ian.. if you think have to move them to another place... done!!!.

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It has been what? 25 years since VistaPro?
And still no one can do beach waves on terrain must be something complex. ;/


Terragen is the king of landscape generators IMHO, here's some waves...

Here's Terragen image gallery.., Some of the images are unbelievably real looking.

It procedurally generates the landscape, the clouds, sun, water, planets, almost everything you see except the objects that are placed on the landscape.


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List here

I remember using MojoWorld it was slow then...but probably gens in seconds now on my speedy laptop
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mentalthink Wow this web is amazing !!!! Thanks mrPlow great link.


That pic is impressive, but what I was expecting are waves like the ones one surf ;)
I wonder if that came from the program itself as I saw nothing similar on the other screenies, but foams close to beach.

I agree Terragen is the killer terrain app nowadays, I kind of remember their humble start a while ago.

Nice page Plow!


Superb result! Great job! Thank you for he link.
See all that can be done by subdividing a surface . . . . . . .
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