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Now that cool.....

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Yes, im guess Spectrum fans know who he is and....

This why im dedicated to delete a post from the Spectrum Next (of my own), due this pic. Spectrum Next keyboard issues is finally done and is soon mass produce.

Also that Baggers in Space on the picture is also finished as well and is yet to been released. The game became a 17 level game, a lots of screens to explore and pretty much use all memory on a none expanded Spectrum Next, and the whole game is in one load.

Hehe, the mans a legend, a bit... ahem, eccentric but a legend none the less.  :good:

Its Micheal Ware that took the picture (one of the main programmer, the other is Jim Bagley).

Its a game im also have a lots of playtesting, doing music and also designed few levels. Im did designed 3 of those levels:
One of them took the longest time to get done and was finally completed by Jim Bangly with the special enemy AI for that level. There was a another level, that was a lots of fun to design and playtesting, which required few tweeks to get right to avoid getting stuck. That level ended up very cool.

Im newer liked the tune in the game Manic Miner (which was actuelly pant), but does have its story behind it. Since then im have done a lots of tunes based in that game......


Pictures taken diredtly from facebook with no  changes. some is quiite big for no reason.

That looks fab!!! For any platform!


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