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Software for good Pixel Art from Images and Videos

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Hi guys I found this web , they have a 3 soft for Pixel Art, the first convert images to 8 Bits palletes, like C64 ,CPC and so on, very easy and with very good quality, perhaps for people don't know how do grphics, can use 3d Renders and convert to 2d Pixel Art(I'm thinking to buy, not is too much expensive, about 25€)

And have another 2 tools for fx with pixel Art. If you interested take a look in youtube, have more videos very nices.

Looks good, thanks for the heads up Mentalthink. :good:

Perfect for a retro 2D game  :good:
But I don' t see too much interest in 3D O_O Even for a retro 3D game (but I'm wrong maybe).

Thanks Mentalthink.

Thanks guys, no Snnopy I wanna say , use renders from a 3d suite and do "pixel Art" automatically with this tool... Imagine : get Poser or MakeHuman, animate in Blender or any 3d suite, launch renders for do the sprites and then use this tool for do pixel art.

Yes of course. In fact, I was thinking about textures, there isn't really any interest.
By cons you're right, it's very interesting to convert a 3D rendering in pixel art, like this beautiful example in Blender :


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